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  1. BloodySunday

    Are Ccfls Safe?

    Wow sound like some real horror stories. I know a lot of people who had them and didn't have any problems.
  2. BloodySunday

    Would You Charge?

    This is kind of why I want to start charging people. First its like fix my internet now its like I got an iPod help me set it up and show me how to use it. And I get phone calls while im out doing something asking for help or asking if I can come over and do something. One reason I don't want him building it himself is because I've let that happen before and they put everything together and then opps they forgot this and I end up going over there and fixing it but it takes more time then what it would have taken me to build it in the first place with no money none the less.
  3. Wheres Microsoft on that list? lol. I guess I preach the good word of AMD pretty often.
  4. BloodySunday

    New Cell Phone - Which One?!

    I have a Razor V3 and its a pretty nice phone. It does cost alot though so if money is an issue look somewhere else. My complaints of the phone can be a little slow, camera has no video, buttons sometimes leave an imprint on the screen (not permanent just annoying). It is a pretty solid I've dropped it alot and sometimes pretty hard and the only thing that has happened is the battery cover has flown off didn't break just came off. Edit O yeah 1 other complaint too many people have them. I got one cause I'm a techno nerd and I like good technology but a ton of other kids at my school have them. I kind of wish I would have bought something cheaper instead of paying for the Luxury. But thats just me.
  5. BloodySunday

    Would You Charge?

    I usually wouldn't charge but I usually don't sit there and pick out all the parts either and then have to build the whole thing. And we alright friends I don't really hang out with him outside of school to much and stuff it was like a close friend I usually wouldn't but I guess I consider him more of a classmate.
  6. BloodySunday

    Would You Charge?

    Want to know the sad part I had A+ Certification and Networking with him and we definetly learned everything you need to know to put a pc together.
  7. BloodySunday

    Would You Charge?

    So a friend of mine from school wants me to build him a computer. He wants me to pick out the parts then he wants to order it and me to put it together and install windows and all that junk. Well when I asked him if he we give $50 for building it he flipped out. So what do you think you think I should go no charge or what?
  8. BloodySunday

    Celtic Music

    The Pouges and Flogging Molly are mostly just Irish Murphys and Stiff Little Fingers are Irish punk bands. Stiff Little Fingers are really good though.
  9. BloodySunday

    Celtic Music

    Familar with any? Flogging Molly Dropkick Murphys The Pouges Stiff Little Fingers
  10. BloodySunday

    Perfect Dark Zero

    Anyone play Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360? I just got it today and I like it alot already.
  11. BloodySunday

    Civic Turbo Vs Bmw 325i

    Civics can be fast but it takes a decent amount of mods. My friend has a 2000 Civic Si stock there really not fast (15.7 granted thats good for a 1.6L) but with the Chevy Cobalt 2.4L Ecotec they can run around 15.2-15.3 stock. My friend runs 15.3 with headers, exhaust, intake, Carbon Fibre Hood (I know not much of a performance mod but can be considerded lightening), short shifter and lowered and a couple of other little things here and there. And if you look at the new 06 Si's with 200HP they still run 15.7 (granted the car has gained a couple of pounds). And yes people torque does mattter.
  12. BloodySunday

    Xbox 360 Live Gamer Cards

    Is there any way to make Xbox 360 Live Gamer Cards work on sigs with the code that Microsoft provides? Here it is: <iframe src="http://gamercard.xbox.com/REPLACE-THIS-WITH-YOUR-GAMERTAG.card" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" height="140" width="204">Put your gamertag here too.</iframe>
  13. BloodySunday

    Can't Connect To The Internet

    Is your ethernet card onboard? Sometimes the onboard ethernet can get turned off in the BIOS had that happen a coupple of times. Check it out its worth a shot.
  14. BloodySunday

    Most Dangerous City?

    My cousin visited St Louis and said it was so bad in most places that nobody was outside on a nice day.
  15. BloodySunday

    Teens With Cell Phones

    I'm 17 and I pay for my phones and service.