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    Asus P5Q motherboard
    Nvidia Geforce 8800GT
    2 x 1 gig memory kingston + 1 x 2 gig kingston.
    2ms 20inch Samsung screen
  1. chek drivers? your RAM memory? Outside of that...dont really know.
  2. So, im going to sell my 8800 GT 200$ and my 9600 GT 170$ (h
  3. Ok thx,ill try to sell my 8800GT and my 9600 GT
  4. Im going to PM you tommorow...too late going sleep
  5. And why? I see that 2 x 8800 gt is close to the GX2, and the gx2 is better than the 295x...
  6. Good question... Im having a P5Q motherboard with a q6600 quad core 2.4ghz, i am having xD? Ps i cant acces to computer now so...ipod touch 4the win
  7. thanks and last question, you guys would pick 8800 or 9600?
  8. So i can SLI my 8800 GT and my 9600 GT? its 512 MB too.
  9. Hi, i'm new to this forum so...yo! I'm having a Geforce 8800 GT like this= i want to do a SLI system with that, but i cant found a card like mine.... Is this normal? Can i use this kind of 8800 GT? http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/msi_geforce_...rce_8800_gt.jpg Is this a better a 8800 GT SLI or 9600 GT SLI? (i'm having only these, so dont tell me other cards.) Thanks, Child'
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