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  1. OCCT RESULTS - can you guys figure out the problem? it says one error in one hour : /
  2. thank you for all those replys, much love bye xoxo
  3. i think my gpu is .ted up, its choppy when i play games, can i try normal performance benchmarks to figure if my gpu is faulty ?
  4. is this supposed to work with 790i board ?
  5. im willing to pay for the BEST lga 775 board (on ddr3) is the evga nforce 790i FTW edition the best mobo ?
  6. ok i tested ram/cpu/gpu/hard disk, so its prolly the motherboard, but i dont know what to choose please help me, i wanna overclock up to 3.6 ghz on my q9550
  7. what do you mean with minimal hardware ? thank for the reply
  8. Hi im looking for a new motherboard since my computer is acting weird, and i tested my ram/cpu, dont know how to text my vga adapter since maybe its my board, w/e, heres my spec right now: mobo: GA-EP45T-DS3R gfx card: asus gtx 295 cpu: yorkfield? q9550 ram: 8 gig corsair xms3 dual channel ddr3 1333mhz psu: bronze coolermaster 800w case: antec nine hundred so i want a board that is stable since i had problems with my last board on my last build, and a good mobo to overclock, price range 100-200~ will to pay more if it worth it (dont want to sli) thank you all.
  9. will pay 30 bucks via paypal to the one that fix the problem with me
  10. today i cleaned my gpu, and changed the thermal paste for higher quality, because my gpu was real hot when i touched it after looking @ my comp. but the issue is still there. what could i do to prove that my computer is choppy, could i record to the music i hear so you guys could tell me whats wrong ? if yes how can i record to my computer sounds ? thank you for trying to help me, its very appreciated.
  11. yes i reformated a bunch of times and its still the same, had vista/7, i have all drivers
  12. tryed to remove my mouse, headset, and keyboard, its still choppy, when i install my razer lycosa driver it been choppy as hell sometimes ... maybe it can help finding the problem, that sucks i really cant find out the problem, if you guys needs mroe info to help me out plz ask .. thank you for trying to help me.
  13. ok ill try removing some peripherals and see if its still choppy, ill give some news soon, thank you for helping me
  14. maybe its my connbection, heres a screenshot:
  16. I tryed memtest and no problems found, ill try OCCT ps:i use everest ultimate for my temps. will give some news soon
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