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    Mobo: Asus Striker II extreme
    CPU: Intel Q9650 @ 4.165Ghz 1850FSB
    Ram: OCZ Reaper HPC 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3 DDR3 1600 @ 1850Mhz
    GC: BFG Tech GTX 285 OC+
    SC: Stocker
    HD's: 2 x WD 500GB Black (Raid 0)
    Optical Drives: 2 x LG 22X DVD
  1. This is a great thread, Thanks!!!
  2. Dmordock

    Titan Robela, water case

    Your right 119 just seamed like to good of a deal,and that cool Jag I had did a good job. I must admit the case is built like tank, 40+ pounds or so, So I'm happy with that, My temps are not that bad I had to clock it back down to 3.2, They aren't that evil it hovers around 40 peaks anywhere from 50 to 54 so I'll run it till the pump dies, and Mod new cooling system, I'm pretty impulsive so it will be sooner then later.
  3. Dmordock

    Titan Robela, water case

    Sorry, Its the titan robela Water case TWC-A88/AB Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Its on newegg, its a complete case, but the problem is the pump flows like mud, I should have guessed it, Its flowing out the rad, 1/4 to the cpu block out the cpu block to 3/8s into the north block, out the north back to 1/4 into the rad (the rad has the res and the sump pump built in)
  4. Hey anyone attempt replacing the water cases pump? The radiators nice, but the pump is pretty slow I was thinking about maybe the swiftech replacement, or maybe putting another pump in series. Anyone know the thread and size coming out of the radiator? Its a strange size not g 1/4, I was thinking I might have to flare or solider larger barbs