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    Palit GTX295 (Watercooled naturally)
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  1. As a general rule the premade kits are pretty dodgey and some are no better then a decent air cooler (TT for example) as for leaks, so long as you use quality components, (danger den, swiftech etc) you shouldnt have an issue, i did my first ever cooling loop not to long ago with zero issues and turned out alot better then what i expected.
  2. Copie

    Folding Cards

    Hey guys, Looking at building several folding rigs with some older gear i have sitting around and am looking at cards. The cards im looking at are XFX 9600gso model number PV-T96O-SDF4. My question is has anyone had particular experience with the xfx cards and folding, im planning on 2 cards per rig, with 3 24/7 rigs in total. Any thoughts will be appreciated
  3. Also the OP said he is upgrading in december, the GT300 series wouldnt be too far away then no?
  4. Perhaps, not by a huge amount, maybe 2-5c if you are lucky, your temps are fine if you want colder, get watercooling or Phase change, only real way of getting it below the 60 mark under full load.
  5. Serious Bummer, shame your in the states, as ive been after that exact model for quite a while... If you will consider sending to Australia, drop us a line.
  6. Exactly, hence the use of Oil, far less of an issue in terms of being conductive that quickly.
  7. We are talking about submersion not watercooling (aka with a pump etc) you can submerge with water provided its pure. (from what i have read)
  8. yeah baby oil was good, had a bit of a fragrance but apart from that it was fine, it was clear and lasts alot longer then cooking oil. I didnt bother cooling the HD's they were fine as is.
  9. Yeah i didnt seal anything either, just removed every sticker from all the components, made sure there wasnt any dust etc on the parts and used 3 high speed scythe fans to help move the oil around the parts.
  10. Ive done a submersion system before, pretty simple, i just used an old glass tank and filled it with baby oil (had a nice scent for ages) only issue i had was the stickers peeled off, so make sure they are all off and cleaned (no leftover sticky) and everything else is 100% clean (no dust etc) Was pretty cool to do, but unpractical as it weighed a good part of 100kg completely filled and the power cables would wick up and stop working every couple of weeks.
  11. To me, the reason why it cracked is that he overtightened the top mount and that caused the crack, wasnt a fault with the actual product tbh. The swiftech res is extremely easy to bleed and fill the system, i had mine completely filled and removed all the bubbles in no time at all.
  12. What sort of cracking issue? only reason i ask is that i have one of these Res's and you know have me slightly concerned.
  13. Looks good, only thing i can think of you could look at a MCP355 Pump with a XPSC Res Top or XPSC reg Top These pumps very good, alot of people i know use them and are resonably small as well so easy to mount.
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