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  1. Ya I did that lol and found an answer just I always turn to OCC so I figured i'd ask it
  2. Hey guys I have been trying to embark on a mission to put mac osx on my pc so I can dual boot 10.6.2 along with windows 7. I fully understand all aspects of this I just want to know if there is any way to boot hazard without a DVD (such as an IPOD). I havent been able to find any responses at all so I am wondering if it is posible or do I need a DVD. Thanks, Connor Black
  3. thanks paul I just wanted to be certain before I baught a new videocard!!
  4. I have a xfx 4850 zdfr and I want to run crossfire on with it just the only similar card I could find was xfx 4850 zdfc can I use these two together or do I have to find a zdfr?
  5. thats true but even still why not get a better video card or something that your mom will be using
  6. dos your step mom really need 4 gigs of ram? I'd go with 2 or 3 and get a good video card and motherboard or get a phenom II x2 550 for 100$ If you get a phenom II x2 then if you get a motherboard with an sb770 then you can unlock it to four core instead of 2!!
  7. thats a good idea but could I send you the specs of the top three I am thinking of?
  8. other than a netbook what would be a good laptop to buy ?
  9. ya know what your right so then what laptop do you think would be a good one on a 400$ budget I am personally thinking of a mini but I am not sure how well they work! What do you think of them? Also I love that line "keep you nice rig for gaming and other usefull stuff" obviously stuff other than school work! Oh and remember on the laptop I am only a freshman in highschool so I won't be needing it all the time. That's why I was thinking of a mini!
  10. that is what I am saying to put in a 955 and then sell it because I know it will sell on eBay for at least 1200!! Do you think that is a good idea? All I am trying to do is get some money for a college MacBook pro( and yes I know none of you guys like apple).
  11. K well I still have all the warranties and it's less than a month old!! What if I put in a phenom ii x4 955??
  12. I was thinking selling the computer as a whole. It cost me 500 to build it and computers of the same stature are selling for 1500 to 1900 on eBay , is this a fair estimate ? Why or why not? Thanks!!!
  13. Also on a seperate note how much do you guys estimate I could sell my computer for ? specs: 3.667 ghz phenom 2 x2 550 4 gb ddr2 ram 1tb hdd asus m4a78 plus dvd rw drive xfx 4850 (1 gig) antec 300
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