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  1. I use Ebay all the time thats where I got my 8800 ultra a while back for only 250 sum guy said it wouldnt fin in his case works just fine for me I still use it in one of my other systems
  2. ok so i have my friends system and it wont boot up or do anything at all it just sits there with the mb leds on i have tried a diff mobo ram graphics card hdd cpu everything but the psu if the psu is dead would it still turn the mb leds on?
  3. StarCraft is wicked I cant wait for 2 to come out anyone have an idea when the release date is?
  4. What do u guys think is the best LAN party game?
  5. Would u be willing to sell that kvm switch u have and if so how much?
  6. hat logmein stuff im guessing all of my systems would need to be hooked up online?
  7. Im looking into getting one because i am running out of room with 12 systems going and Ive been looking around and idk whats good and whats not what do u guys suggest?
  8. how well does the i7 920 overclock on air im thinking of buildiing a new system
  9. I belive its the heat that hurts so in theory if u can keep it cool enough it should be alright but who keeps things that long anyway?
  10. ok so I am going to start a new build with what I get back. This is what I have so far Mobo- ASUS M4A79 Deluxe Cpu- Phenom II 940 HDD- Seagate Barracuda ES.2 1TB RAM- CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB 1066 CD/DVD Drive- Sony Optiarc DVD/CD Graphics Card- BFG 295 GTX But i dont know what Cooler and Case I should get. Any suggestions? oh and im short a PSU any super good ones out there? Maybe sumthing that can handle 2 GTX 295's if I decide to get another in the future I have about $600 for the case Psu and cooler
  11. Yes I am sure of that too but would anyone care to help a noob out?
  12. Hello everybody im new here and wanted to say hi plus I have a question has anyone gotten a phenom II 940 over 3.6 stable on air? mine is having problems going higher
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