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  1. So my friends parents and I have the same company for our DSL service the only difference being at my house it works all the time and at their house it goes out for a few minutes here and there. sometimes it works when they power off the modem and turn it back on and othetimes it doesn't. I suggested that they exchange the modem and see that helps but they wont be able to do that until Monday. Do you guys have any other ideas?

  2. My whole screen has lines. It only starts on the character page the picture is fine up until that point. I don't remember seeing that setting but I will check when I get home.

    My screen doesn't look that bad its green tinted with lines I can still see everything in the game

  3. It works fine in other games and it folds just fine. I'm at work for the next 10 hours so I can't check right now

    The Nvidia control panel says the second 480 is running as a physx card if that helps at all

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