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  1. I have a DWA-556 adapter in my computer. Recently I moved into an apartment complex and the wireless signal is really weak. I almost might as well have no net. Can someone please recommend replacement antenna/signal booster for my card? there's nothing I can do about the hub.. they know it's a problem and they're not fixing it. It's going to be up to me to reach them. Will either of these work? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0008EN8N...X1FSGFMC2R43040 http://buffalotech.pricegrabber.com/rd.php...c1e88cabd766e91
  2. The Dlink works very well when the signal is strong enough, but the signal strength can definitely use a boost. Can someone suggest some extra antenna?
  3. That's okay. I have two open x1 slots and I only have plans for one of them. I think I'm going to try the D-link first, but Buffalo will be my backup plan.
  4. Unfortunately, the DWA-542 seems to be a discontinued product and I am not able to find it new anywhere. I would rather not have to deal with refurbished or ebay. ETA: it seems to have been replaced with the DWA-556, which uses the newest Atheros 5008 chip.. very intriguing. Does anyone have thoughts on D-Link quality?
  5. Okay, I am going to try the Buffalo adapter then. Thanks!
  6. That's okay. LOL I was thinking there was something wrong with me and I couldn't read.. Buffalo.. that's definitely intriguing as I know they made some really fantastic wireless g routers back in the day before that whole lawsuit business.. thanks! ETA: Are you sure it works with 64 bit? I'm not seeing any driver support and Newegg specifically says 32 bit Vista..
  7. Zertz - I will look into the D-Link adapter, thanks. cjloki - -what- exactly do you have 3 of? I'm not seeing exactly what you use.. If it works that well I'd go back to USB or whatever, it's just my experience has been much better with the PCI adapters I've used.
  8. I'm about at my witt's end. After fighting with inferior consumer grade USB adapter after another, I finally found the CISCO AIR-PI21AG adapter. This thing is.. was.. great. Much faster, solid connection, no drops. Perfect. Well, when I upgraded my computer I found it wasn't compatible with my motherboard. Went out and bought a WMP200 PCI adapter, which was.. okay. Better than most anything else I'd had, but still nothing like the P121AG. Now, I've upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and apparently Cisco does not support 64 bit operating systems at all. What crock. I have no idea what to get now. I'm currently on a Netgear WMP111 which is crap.. crawls compared to my PCI adapters. My speeds seriously just got cut by 2/3. I've also tried Linksys (consumer grade Cisco) USB stuff and have not been happy. Any suggestions? I'm thinking something using an Atheros chip since I've had awesome luck with them in notebooks. I am also open to replacing my Linksys WRT54G adapter, if anyone has a better suggestion.
  9. Both are cheap budget alternatives and neither are particularly great or stand out over anything. In that price range though (under $200 for a 22" or larger?) it's going to be next to impossible to find anything that stands out. If you can afford it you should check out the Dell 2209WA. It's still very reasonably priced but more than those two.
  10. They were the LEDs btw. For now they're covered with a bit of tape which lessens the light but damn they are persistent and bright. I don't want to try to pull them out by fear of breaking something. Cooler is pretty nice. My E8400 @ 3.4 idles about 39C and Prime95 took it up to 53C MAX.
  11. I am looking into purchasing an Accelero S1 Rev. 2 for my GTS 250, but I have a few questions. 1) I already took a 9800GTX+ fan/heatsink and put it on my GTS 250 so I see no reason this cooler wouldn't be compatible. Correct? 2) I am concerned about length. I had a 9800gtx+ that BARELY (without a mm to spare) fit in my case. My GTS 250 is much shorter. How long with the Accellero be in comparison? My GTS 250 isn't even to the edge of my standard ATX motherboard so it could be a little longer than that but hopefully not as long as the 9800gtx+. 3) Can I run this cooler without a fan? If I get a fan, what would you recommend? I know that AC made a couple fans for this cooler but I'm wondering if that's really the way to go or if I should go pick up my own 80mm fan? 120mm?. I'm also wondering about the best way to attach without any vibration noise. I've seen them hooked on by cable ties but I'm not so sure that's the best way. Thanks! ETA: After doing a bit more searching I might go with the T-Rad from Thermalright. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for replying. I saw the two white bits on the sides of the circuit board and at first I thought those must be it but on closer inspection they don
  13. I have a BTF80 cooler and I am trying to remove the red LEDs from it. It's the same design as the BTF90 that was reviewed on the site so I was hoping someone here could help me. Truth is I can't even figure out where they're located and I most certainly don't have easy access. I thought about just spray painting the fan but I'm afraid I might clog it up and wreck it. Help?
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