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  1. Alright I will give you that. To play the game at all, its free. To progress in the game, its not. Better wording? lol
  2. Everything I have seen has suggested it will be 100% free to play But if you want to go past a certain level and access certain stuff, you have to buy "credits"
  3. DeathNote

    Hello OCC!

    Welcome to the OverClockers Club
  4. If he is using HDMI or RGB it will auto-detect. If its RGB, he has to make sure the switch is set to HDTV and not TV. If he is running VGA, he is stuck with whatever resolution the console will give him.
  5. I know that you can use the NVIDIA Control Panel to manually set a resolution. I don't know about the ATI CP. As for your 360, what are you running it on? RGB? HDMI? VGA?
  6. I signed up for the beta about a month ago. Haven't gotten anything yet about it. Im looking foreword to owning it. It does actually look pretty sweet.
  7. I agree with you Bosco Some of them I can definitely agree with But some where just....... Ether way, I thought it would be something nice to look at
  8. I like the body, the face is a little off to me...... but maybe Im crazy
  9. ohhh, didn't see that. My fault. Either way, A40's are still awesome!
  10. Nope, just let it run and after a min. or two, you should see all your benchmark results.
  11. I would personally say buy a pair of Astro A40's I bought a pair (along with the MixAmp, needed for my 360) and It is probably the BEST sound I have ever heard. On top of that, when they are on, you can not hear ANYTHING outside of those headphones..... period! On top of that, you can buy custom tags for them to make them customized to yourself and your GamerTag. They are available in both Black & white. Astro A40 Astro A40 System (Heatset + Mixamp) EDIT: Added info
  12. If Barbie and Half Life ever mixed, I might just have to pull out this face.......
  13. Portal is a great game, but the problem is that its a puzzle game. Many people aren't into Puzzle games.
  14. Just to verify, All your equipment is running wireless?
  15. All I have to say about this is....... CRAZY RIDICULOUS!
  16. I hope that this situation ends with only good outcomes. Its a horrible thing to see something like this. My best wishes and hope goes out to the family and friends that he comes back safely.
  17. Knowing Valve, they will probably releases a new IP. L4D2 was the latest thing they released close to an IP and there was an entire uproar in the L4D community about it. I have no doubt that it going to be a new IP. The only question is...... What is it going to be? More zombies? CoD look-a-like? RPG? Who knows......
  18. Personally, I think that Alicia Sacramone isn't half bad I'd take her over the others.
  19. OMG, that's insane! Can I live on campus too, lol
  20. They do sell dedicated Physx Cards. First one I found: BFG Physx Card
  21. DeathNote

    Quakecon 2010

    I would love to go, but its a little bit to far of a drive for me
  22. I do love the Half Life Series, but I could never get really into them. Don't get me wrong. I loved playing them. I just could never get really into it.
  23. I really don't concern myself with privacy because of what others have already said. I know that what I post is public one way or another, so I post accordingly.
  24. Speed Test: Ping Test: Considering that I have Comcast Cable, I dont think this is too bad.
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