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    Redesigned 360?

    I do see the 360 being around for quite a while. I say another 2-4 years. I give Microsoft credit for trying to attract all ages of gamers. Not just the ones with love for shooters and what is out now, but now with fitness games, animal games, and more, they are attracting people from every age group out there. And not to mention the fact that they teamed up with ESPN to bring 3,500 sports events to your 360 for FREE with a gold subscription. Another thing that has to be remembered is that the O/S for the 360 is suppose to be updated with the release of Kinect. (Rumor) @Fogel Good points, but I disagree with the Kinect & WiFi statements I personally feel that Kinect will bring in a new generation of gamers. I also feel that it will inspire current gamers to get up off their butt and move. In terms of the WiFi, I think that many people will actually use it to get ride of cables. I have quite a few friends who have a 50ft. cable running though their house to their 360 because they didn't want to buy the $100 adapter.
  2. Earlier this morning, Gamestop started taking pre-orders for the new Kinect system. The release date is November 4th, 2010 The price listed is $149.99 GameStop.com - Kinect for XBOX 360 What do you guys think of Kinect?
  3. DeathNote

    Redesigned 360?

    I was given a link to a forum post by Microsoft Corp. that has a very good FAQ about the console. Check it out, it helped me quite a bit Official Xbox.com Forums - 360 S FAQ
  4. DeathNote

    Redesigned 360?

    New XBOX will be available next week. Kinect will be available November 4
  5. Maybe this will bring back some of the old 2142 players and get some more in-game
  6. DeathNote

    Redesigned 360?

    Microsoft is saying that this console (the new motherboard, didn't know the name till now) will NOT have the 3RROD or E74 errors that the others consoles had. That alone is interesting enough to make me want to get it.
  7. Ain't that the truth, lol
  8. This show is great. I found it after NetFlix suggested I watch it over the instant streaming. I told my buddy to watch it and he said that its..... "The office with IT nerds and British comedy"
  9. DeathNote

    Redesigned 360?

    Im double checking that my VGA cable that I use on my Elite will still work with the new console, If it does, I will be getting the new one when it comes out. Also, I did read that it has a much better cooling and heatsink system. Its overall a better system. ie: we shouldn't see nearly as many issues with this new one. The old "new" systems were the same thing, just with a little different internal design. From what i've seen, this is very much revamped.
  10. DeathNote

    Redesigned 360?

    To transfer your data from your old hard drive to your new internal one, you will have 2 options: Use a Data Transfer Cable to connect the old HDD to the console via USB Use a USB external HDD or Jumpdrive to transfer the data one by one. The HDD that is internal also apears to be removable. It looks to be similar to a bay inserted drive. It also appears that you will not be able to directly connect the old HDD's to the new console. ATM, it looks to comes with the standard one year warranty. I did hear a rumor that it will not have the 3 year RROD/E74 error warranty, but you would be able to purchase the extended warranty from Microsoft to continue covering the console for $29.95.
  11. In that picture, I have the same type of driver. Mine is from a TV Capture unit. If you have anything like that, it could be from that.
  12. I went from XP 32bit to 7 64bit and I had the same issue. The front audio port (headphone) would only work if I manually changed the audio from the back port to the front, it wouldn't do both. I had to go into the RealTek HD sound program (cant think of the name of it atm) and there was a setting in there to allow both ports to have audio simultaneously.
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    Looks interesting. I might have to check it out
  14. Not the game itself, just the fact that you know they will go overboard and as said from OP, get alcohol poisoning
  15. @ccokeman Thanks alot man. I tried to uninstall and then re-install, but that Driver Sweeper did the trick. Thanks @00stevo I like my GTX 260
  16. I have tried to turn off all overclocking utilities, overclocking the GPU, and put it back to default. No matter what I do, the GPU's core stays at 400mhz and will not go above it. The memory and shader are also not clocking correctly. They are also staying at the "low power usage levels" Its causing all my games to lag and give me low FPS. Any ideas?
  17. I've been here for a little over a year, almost a year and a half, and I have one word to describe my experience..... AWESOMENESS! I've played games with the community. I've expanded my wealth of knowlege quite a bit since being here. I've been able to snag up a few deals along the way. And best of all...... I've meet a group of GREAT people here at OCC. to the Community and Staff of OCC. Heres to many more years to come
  18. The horrible part is that you know there will be the idiot out there that does this just to say he did.
  19. The game does look to be pretty good. Personally, I don't think I would be able to play it though. It looks like a lot of slow moving and timing. I don't like to wait, I want to make things go "BOOM"
  20. I have the MW2 Stimulus package on 360 & PC and bought the Resurgence map pack for 360 also. Call me crazy, but I like em both. I think resurgence has better maps though.
  21. Personally, I like DD-WRT. Its the same kinda idea, but made by different people. http://www.dd-wrt.com
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    Welcome to the OverClockers Club!
  23. I would love to watch the videos, but I cant get any of them to load
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