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  1. Doesn't matter LS1 is the most common swapped motor in the world. Regardless of it being a Mustang. It would be the best thing that 2v would ever see .
  2. My Grandpa passed away last night :( RIP Grandpa Nesser

  3. On August 5th I will be a quarter of a century old. wow time files.

  4. The vote is TODAY! If you haven't called your Congressman and DEMAND they vote to Audit The Fed, DO SO NOW!!!!!!

  5. Samy: Do you wanna watch some porn?KJ: what?!Samy: Do you wanna boil some corn?

  6. I can't wait till the season three premier of the walking dead!

  7. Libertarianism is ‘cultish,’ say the sophisticates. Of course, there’ nothing cultish at all about allegiance to the state, with its flags, its songs, its mass murders, its little children saluting and paying homage to pictures of their dear leaders on the wall,etc

  8. So I just watched an amazing documentary on HBO go. Its called Journey into Dyslexia. Some of y'all know its something I battle with everyday and It was nice to see interviews of other people who has it. Also pointing out the gift of having it where your shortcomings can be out weighted by other talents. It brought back lots of horrible school memories as I watched it. It also allows me too look at where I am in my life and where I wanna go. I feel enlightened

  9. The fed is the number one reason for outsourcing. Without the federal reserve note being the world reserve currency, the US would have to export as much stuff as they imported. Now we can import goods without having to export anything besides federal reserve notes.

  10. Went and tried Titos on Benton rd. I am not impressed. It was pretty horrible to be honest

  11. To lose your LIFE is to lose your FUTURE, To lose your LIBERTY is to lose your Present, and to lose the product of your LIFE and LIBERTY is to lose that portion of your past that produced it. Since you own your LIFE you are responsible for your LIFE. You do not rent your LIFE from others who demand your obedience. Nor are you a SLAVE to others who demand your sacrifice. You choose your own goals based on VALUES.

  12. Poor people concern themselves with trying to divide up the pie. Rich people busy themselves with baking more pies.- Michael Hiles

  13. We should remember that virtually everything government does is a ‘mandate.’ The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute. Those in Congress who believe in individual liberty must work tirelessly to repeal this national health care law and reduce federal involvement in healthcare generally. Obamacare can only increase third party interference in the doctor-patient relationship, increase costs, and reduce the quality of care. Only free market medicine can restore the critical independence of doctors, reduce costs through real competition and price sensitivity, and eliminate enormous paperwork burdens. Americans will opt out of Obamacare with or without Congress.
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