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  1. I am not trying to be rude but I truly do not understand your post because you have used a double negative. I am pretty sure that you are saying that my video card is not enough for bf4 at 1440p. Please clarify.
  2. This seems like a dangerous move for Microsoft. This sounds like something that could push the casual user over to an apple. I turned off my automatic updates. I haven't had a look at my dad's pc yet but I bet he's been taken over by this win 10 nonsense.
  3. This is my favorite bf4 map for sure. I just had days off and it triggered a rediculous bf4 binge.
  4. Ya I'm bummed out now too. So much for all the higher fps I thought I was getting in my games.
  5. feetfats

    first build

    The cooler master 212 is solid. If budget allows a 250gb ssd is really nice to speed up boot times and leaves enough room for your favorite game to boot quickly.
  6. It's incredible. Absolutely huge and looks amazing. Features like destructible bridges help to keep heavy armour at bay. Very high ceiling for jets. Tons of room for 64 players. When crossing the map on a 4 wheeler your gonna need some tunes, it's a long drive lol.
  7. So which is better looking, 1080P on ultra settings or 1440P with low enough settings for high framerates? The 1080 ultrawide option is looking pretty attractive right now but I hate to make an upgrade when I know I really want something even better.
  8. I am currently using 2x acer 23" 1080p monitors. My video card is an ASUS 7970. I want to make a monitor upgrade to make games look better and I also want to increase the horizontal viewing area so I can see more of the battlefield and see guys coming up from my sides. I would like to go 4k but it seems to me that in order to get a video card with enough horsepower to max out games like BF4 @ 4k it will cost way too much money. So for this reason I am looking at 1440p. I am considering going with an ultrawide monitor and maybe I can keep my 2x 23" monitors and can run eyefinity with them? Which monitors should I be looking at? I don't know much about monitors but I think I want 144hz ??? Do I have a strong enough video card to run bf4 1440p ultrawide? Any input would be appreciated.
  9. Why not? More RAM helps load times dramatically. I'm running 16gb of ram but it never seems to use more than 8gb at one time. Educate me, is my full 16 gb providing a benefit somehow?
  10. SOLD Used - Sapphire R9 270X Vapor X Works great. Plays BF4 on ultra 1080P very very well. $220 USD Shipped Canada or USA OBO Thanks, Dave
  11. feetfats

    AMD Mantle

    Sound was good for me
  12. feetfats

    AMD Mantle

    Looks like we still need to wait for AMD's 14.1 release.
  13. I almost forgot Sim City 2000
  14. I like Avast as well. Doesn't catch everything (ie. conduit) so I also scan with malware bytes and spybot search and destroy once in a while.
  15. Company of Heroes is what got me hooked on PC gaming. I used to only play games on console but I bought a copy of this game when I went away for school and I only brought my laptop with me. It was great. BFBC2 was my first battlefield experience on PC and I loved that game but for me my favorite game always tends to be whatever I play the most today. For example BFBC2 was my favorite and I stopped playing it when BF3 became my new favorite and so on. Today my favorite game is BF4.
  16. What I am saying is that a guy doesn't even need to spend $300 if he's only playing 1080p. The 270x is around 200-250 (CAD) and plays bf4 1080p just fine.
  17. Verran must have folded like crazy, he is still holding a decent place. Or is someone doing it in his name?
  18. That is one extremely cute puppy. Is this your first dog?
  19. I've been testing this Sapphire Vapor-x 270x that I won in the Christmas contest and I am very impressed because this card can play BF4 fully maxed out at 1080p. Dips down to ~45 fps from time to time but plays the game very very smooth. I could have saved some coin and just went with a card like this instead of my 7970. If anyone is looking for a graphics card to run BF4 look no further.
  20. Holy crap I bet lol! You guys mean business.
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