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  1. Ok, I used msconfig to stop Radeon from starting itself. I set Gpu Tweak to startup when I log onto windows (But this is not working for some reason, the program doesn't start with windows). I am running an older version of GPU tweak and I cannot upgrade because this version seems to be the only way to unlock the voltages on this card. I checked msconfig and I do not have GPU tweak blocked from startup so I don't know why it wont start itself.
  2. can I get a copy please? for educational pruposes... It is not safe to give out copies of an avatar on this forum. I know a guy that had his stolen that way one time. I know right, who could that be Hard to say
  3. So I can just run without the radeon software? Just to clarify, I am not using radeon to overclock, but radeon sees my overclock from gpu tweak and it grabs ahold of it and remembers it.
  4. can I get a copy please? for educational pruposes... It is not safe to give out copies of an avatar on this forum. I know a guy that had his stolen that way one time.
  5. With the size of drives that are on the market now, it's really a non-issue. I don't store tons of music, movies, or any other stuff on my machines. I have a hardwired NAS that sits in a closet with ample storage, in addition to the HP DL360 server that holds all our DVD/BluRay images. With the width and depth of the cabinet, I'm trying to recess it behind the trim to act as a view-block as much as possible. From the angle that you can see the area on top of the cabinet it will be well hidden. Going with a full size case means it would have to be on top/above the trim, and be more visible from all angles. The end goal by going mini is to keep it inconspicuous when not in use - to include remoting the power button to a convenient location outside of the case for easy access. Seems well thought out. Please post some pictures when you are done.
  6. Hey feetfats, where you get the cool avatar ? I found it layin around. Not too creepy right?
  7. Just throwin this out there but since you are going on top of a cabinet you could perhaps lay a regular sized case on its side instead of a mini build. I only say this because I am running a mid sized case and am always struggling for room. I know guys get by with mini but I suspect they are using something else for data storage. Mini is cool because its mini but its also a pain in the butt at the same time because you will be stuffed full right off the hop.
  8. Asus 7970 overclocked and voltage increased via Asus GPU Tweak. The Radeon driver software has a built in overclocking utility that seems to be sticky. What I mean by this is that when I fire up GPU tweak and I up my clocks and up my voltages the radeon software grabs and remembers those clocks. So the problem with this is that when I close gpu tweak or restart my computer and don't restart gpu tweak I now have radeon running high overclocks without the necessary voltage and my system crashes if I put it under load. How can I prevent Radeon from grabbing and remembering my overclocks from gpu tweak? Or maybe you can think of an alternate solution? Thanks
  9. !!! Ha Ha !!! !!!!! my creepy avatar now !!!!!
  10. The avatar is very creepy.
  11. Electricity doesn't work that way. If you aren't putting a load on those unused wires then they won't produce heat and they will not consume power. They will however block airflow within the case so that is one of the good reasons to go modular, especially in a small form factor build. Does the $800 budget need to include things like mouse, keyboard, monitor? What games are you wanting to play and at what resolution?
  12. When this comes out what sort of support can we expect? Is it expected to work with all or most of the major games? To me this just gets filed into the wait and see category. Personally, I think VR is going to be huge, but I just don't know if they have it refined yet? I remember trying out a VR headset about 16 or so years ago. When do we get plugged in video games Matrix style?
  13. I am very happy with my 212 evo. It didn't cost much money and it keeps my cpu reasonably cool with a decent overclock. If I suddenly found myself without a cpu cooler I would buy this one again. It's about $38 CAD so pretty sweet. IMO this is where it's at for air coolers, if I wanted more cooling I would go H20.
  14. So what is the point in water cooling? Would it get me over this wall? I've pushed this card as hard as I can and have not hit a thermal wall. I'm currently running a nice overclock and its not making much noise.
  15. Asus ---7970 DCUII---63.0%---925MHz/1375MHZ --- 1125MHz/1500Mhz~1.25V ---feetfats BF4 Ultra @ 1080p multiplayer stable. Valley score is 1977 @ 47.3 fps 1080p highest settings. Very good cooling on this particular card. ~66c max temp @ 42% which is not very noisy at all. I hit a serious voltage wall for the core at about 1160 mhz. Took it up to 1.4v and it still would not stop with the artifacts. This card was a pain to get voltage unlocked.
  16. It looks expensive. It would definitely turn some heads though. Which games are you wanting to play? I've seen a case mod similar to this. The guy mounted a monitor to the side of the pc case. I think it was an episode of "The Tek" on youtube. He wanted to play games up on a mountain believe it or not. Maybe you can build something like that.
  17. It really seems like the OP is trolling
  18. Cool idea for a build. It definitely needs a sweet paint job now. What sort of games are you planning to play at Lan parties with this bad boy? The link to your website is not working?
  19. Thanks for all the advice guys. I just got news that my contract at work will not be extended so I am just going to hold off on this purchase for now.
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