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  1. I lucked out into playing Renegade back when it was still going on so I was able to find servers with people, so much fun!! (I love battlefield, so it makes sense) So I guess you're only looking for an online game? I was looking for an online game but I just decided to jump into fallout 4. I gave renegade-x a shot and it really feels weird. I'll give it another try later on but I have a hard time with shooters that require you to hit the enemy such a rediculous amount before they die. I got schooled pretty bad to say the least lol.
  2. Sweet system. Can I borrow it for a little while when it's done?
  3. Down side to 22 wmr is it is literally 10x the cost of ammo compared to 22lr (around here at least). The 10/22 is a blast and the takedown is really cool. I used to own a 10/22 and I kinda miss it. The mkII seems to be a lot more accurate though.
  4. Which ones are you considering? Looking at a Savage Mk II F. Not looking for expensive just accurate. With the 10/22 they seem to require a ton of aftermarket parts to get them "right". Looked at a Marlin XT-22 as well but am leary of Marlin after the Remington acquisition. I have a mkII fvsr. It's fun.
  5. So is it an fps with an rts economy integrated into it? Yep. pretty much Seems interesting. I'll check it out.
  6. I loved cod 4 and cod world at War but after that I found the series wasn't as good. I've played modern warfare 3 for about 7 hours and got bored. Same with black ops. I find there is just no depth to the cod games and no teamwork.
  7. Is world of tanks stillfun if you don't keep paying for micro transactions? I'll have to see what's out there for l4d2 mods. It's been a while since I've played that game.
  8. So is it an fps with an rts economy integrated into it?
  9. I am getting burnt out on BF4 and SC2 right now. Was getting pretty interested in buying the Dayz standalone but it seems that it might be dying off already?? Are they able to get past the issues with people just killing on sight? Just not sure where to go. Dayz kinda seems a bit too ruthless and a brutal learning curve? Game also seems a little bit hollow for things to do other than just look for loot? I am looking for a game that is online. Any suggestions? It doesn't have to be a shooter but that seems to be what I gravitate towards. I've tried WOW but it wasn't really my thing.
  10. Razor Gen II on the gun on the left?
  11. But what else am I supposed to do with my free time?
  12. You need to have a strange avatar with antlers and a deer face.
  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Your discharge paperwork will be mailed to you shortly. Hopefully you can figure out how to open your mail.
  14. I think your cool club status should now be void.
  15. Doh! Lol I middle clicked like a tool and it opened my profile page. Middle Click?
  16. I am probably being a knob but which file am I to open?
  17. so I guess there is no way to make the popup stop for just this program?
  18. I use asus gpu tweak to monitor my graphics card and I use hw monitor for all the other temps.
  19. I decided to write a batch file that opens GPU Tweak and I placed it in the startup folder. This is working but how can I get the user account control window to stop showing up for this program?
  20. Ya I tried that and I also tried moving it to the same drive as the os. No luck.
  21. This doesn't seem to work. I should mention that I have GPU Tweak installed on a separate HD than my OS is installed on. Perhaps this is causing the issue?
  22. I was messing around at one point and I had flashed to a matrix bios. I was having a ton of issues with gpu tweak not saving any profiles but I didn't try the version I'll have to see if I can figure out which matrix bios I was using.
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