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  1. A cable could very easily stop a fan from starting.
  2. As promised here are some photos I took of the switch from my Antec 300 to this new Phanteks case. So to start this off here is a picture of how my system looked before I got started. Cable management was pretty much impossible. So ya, that was always pretty hideous. Now onto the build. The 3.5" hdd's went in incredibly easily without any tools needed. The ssd's were a matter of 4 screws each but still pretty easy. Things were going pretty good up to this point,,, and then I put the power supply in. Now this was the moment where I got scared, very scared. I was having flashbacks to how the old system looked. I just tried to keep it together though, because there were children around and I had to stay calm. Much to my surprise it all came together. The cable management on this case was very easy and I think that Phanteks has some sort of voodoo magic inside this thing. Cables just simply dissapear in front of you as you build it. It was so nice having so much room to work with. The video card and other devices was very easy to fit in there.
  3. Well I spoke too soon. The case just arrived this afternoon. Thank you Phanteks and thank you OCC! This case is even nicer than I expected. The layout and design seems very smart. I think cable management should be a breeze. I will snap a bunch of photos when I swap everything over (hopefully this weekend).
  4. That battle with the blimp going down looks intense. I better start hiding a few bucks from the wife before this comes out.
  5. So what about Bobbette? Don't leave us hanging here man.
  6. 23 years You started off as a janitor but was to be layed off in 1998. You luckily slipped through the cracks on a book keeping error so your paycheck still arrives. Your previous boss was also layed off so nobody even knows you aren't supposed to be employed there. Since 1998 you have just drift aimlessly from area to area with a clipboard in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other. You've developed a mean twitch and a sketchy demeanor from all the caffeine and sugar so nobody talks to you, which has helped greatly to you not being discovered. In 2001 a hideously large and smelly accountant named Bobbette discovered the mistake and instead of bringing it to her boss she's now used it during the last 15 years as leverage against you. Rumor has it you massage her smelly feet and hand scrub her over sized cotton bottoms.
  7. Sounds like a sweet build. Any pictures?
  8. Any idea when I should be receiving that Phanteks case?
  9. Spring came early this year so I haven't even thought about video games for a while. I tend to drop them during the summer and pick them up in the winter. I will check out elite dangerous at some point.
  10. This is the first time I have ever seen a guy with an avatar that is a picture of his avatar.
  11. wow Some can say he didn't expect ... the unexpected Dun dun dun Here we go again
  12. I didn't get one If you want mine just send me a PM He's joking since he provided the keys for the beta.
  13. I didn't get one If you want mine just send me a PM And thanks for the prize OCC. Now I just have to convince my wife that I wasn't spending money and that this was actually free. LOL
  14. Haha. That or just make sure the new one is the same color.
  15. I wish they would just offer a WW1 expansion like the BC2 Vietnam one and not make the whole game WW1. I sure hope this rumor isn't true.
  16. I would look into getting an APU for a build like this. And then in the future a gpu could be added if the apu isn't keeping up.
  17. What games will she play? At what resolution? Does the budget include monitor, keyboard etc?
  18. No gloves lol. I wonder if I can actually do well in this game with a cool suit instead of armour?
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