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  1. Would it be a waste of money to buy a better cpu to pop into this system?
  2. I'm so jealous of you guys with the shiny new 1070's. I try to be responsible and I was eyeing them up a long time ago and figured I should just wait a bit,,, boy that was a mistake lol.
  3. I have had a good gaming experience playing this game with a 7970 and also with an R9 270 For whatever reason my spare rig won't run this game properly and it's not the video card because I have confirmed that the card is good enough for the game by using it in my main system.
  4. It's unplayable on my spare rig even on lowest settings with dips down to 12 fps or so. I've also tried turning off replay and kill cam. I've tested the game on my other system with this same R9 270 and it's decent enough to play.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to start pricing this stuff out for him. Just a side question about my spare rig we tried to use for PUBG: why the heck wont it work well? It just gets horrible frame rates in the low 20's and worse. If we could just toss something into this system to get it playable that would save a ton of money. AC-220 https://www.acer.com/ac/en/ID/content/support-product/5820;-; It has 8gb ram upgraded power supply a10-7800 r9-270 To me this processor should do just fine at 3.9 ghz. Maybe 8gb ram isn't enough ram for this game? Crappy mobo?
  6. Ok I will look into that. How much ram is minimum? I'm thinking 12gb but maybe 8 is fine?
  7. Hi guys, My brother wants a system so he can play PUBG. I've got an R9 270 laying around that he can use. I tested it on my main system at 1080p and it did well. I've also got a spare system with an A10-7800 and 8gb of ram but it just doesn't seem to cut the mustard for that game. He is thinking about building a system. Can you guys recommend a very budget friendly build that we could put this R9 270 into? I think he wants to game at 1080p. I want to get a good quality power supply and a case that's friendly to work with so he can upgrade over time. Don't worry about monitor etc. we will stir up some used stuff I think. I've also got an HDD he can use. He is also interested in VR but I don't think this video card will handle that. Thanks
  8. Some cases make it so so much easier to hide the wires away. I've only worked with a handful of cases but the phanteks I have is awesome to work with.
  9. Ya it can run bf4 on lower settings ok. I think this thing may be more bottlenecked by the cpu. I might swap it into my main system to see.
  10. You guys gotta stop making fun of my builds like this. I'm proud of my work.
  11. Ok so not worth as much as they were last time I had one haha. I don't even have a plan for this system. I bought it on impulse because it was a great price and had a nice monitor and everything. A full gaming capable system with mouse, keyboard, basically everything for $225 canadian. I might just have it as a rig for the wife to use for whatever but then I really don't need the gpu in there.
  12. Hey guys. I just picked up a system with a Gigabyte R9 270 that I am considering selling. I'm pretty sure it wasn't used for mining or anything like that. This one: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-R927OC-2GD#ov What is are cards like this selling for today?
  13. I have a steam code for the game 'taxi' Free to the first person that claims it.
  14. Maybe you can find someone if its a 6gb card, but the hashrate is much lower on that card. People seem to be looking for slighyly newer models, and at that point i think maybe a 1060 would be a better investment. In other words, i dont think you will get as much as youre hoping for.., but i could be wrong. Who knows if these people think or just throw money at hardware and hope it returns. Naw its the 3gb. I wonder what it would sell for these days? Great card.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I should offload this 7970??
  16. I don't think the sky is falling. People need to breathe a bit. All this hype is no good.
  17. I cant belive it's almost been 7 years now.
  18. feetfats

    Battlefield 1

    Sniping sure is fun in BF1 Having lots of crashing issues though. Reinstalled drivers seems to be helping. I'm running without my graphics card overclocked as that may have been causing some crashes. Time will tell.
  19. feetfats

    Battlefield 1

    Well... I know what I'm doin tonight. How big was the download? edit: 7.10 gb
  20. So I would need to buy the game and the premium pass?
  21. Ya you are fine. Good thing your friend found the problem.
  22. I've had two different OCZ SSD's stop working after very little use. Pretty sure they were the same model. I can't say that OCZ is bad but my experience with them didn't go well.
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