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  1. 8 hours ago, dr_bowtie said:

    Hello, long time no see


    Life has gotten busy for the most of us. We're still here just not as frequent. I was up until the Covid thing hit and I went into hiding. Decided to move into the northern house and fully gut and reno it. been taking all my time. Trying to get some of it finished before I head back to work in August. Welcome back :)

    2020 seems to be the year of renovations. I bought a project property last fall so I'm in the hardware store a lot. I cant believe how busy they have been. 

  2. 2 hours ago, ir_cow said:

    I did a crappy article a few years ago when I compared a i7 3930K to a i7 7700K. The idea was solid, execution was flawed as I used a GTX 1070 and didn't compare enough games. Anyways while the CPUs had similar benchmark results. Old 6-core vs new 4-core. The big difference was switching to DDR4. I saw 30% increase in FPS and the limit was actually the video card I was using didn't reflex how much future it "could have been". We all know taking a RTX 2080 Ti and pairing it with a i5 3570K would be counter-productive. But a middle ground does exist. No need to buy a whole new system. Just replace the CPU+MB with a Ryzen 3600 or a i5-9600K.

    No intention to build from scratch. I will need to get some ddr4 though. 

    I've done some quick comparisons and it seems like the 9600k might be best bang for buck right now.

  3. Since nobody has responded I will put in my amateur 2 cents. Can the system boot up and run malwarebytes? Spybot search and destroy was always my go to as well but I've honestly not had a big virus problem in a long time. booting into safemode during virus removal helps. I setup my parents with avast on the auto scan and update schedules so I get way less calls from them now. I also taught them to scan files before installing things but I doubt they actually do that.

    If the system is really messed up I tend to do full format but I'm no pro.

    What operating system are they running?


    Holy crap I posted this up after many beers and then forgot all about it. I will PM whitefiretiger to see if he still wants this.


    Sorry fellas


    I'm back, I have a friend building a fortnite/roblox rig with his son on the cheap. If it's still available I'll pay the shipping to the US.




    Sorry but whitefiretiger is going to take it.

  5. I have a Gigabyte R9 270 2GB to give away. 


    You pay shipping. 

    Canada preferred but will send to USA if nobody steps forward.


    OCC has been very generous to me over the years and I wan't to give back a little bit. 


    Who wants it?


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  6. Can't drop full price on this with GoW coming out next week but I will pick it up when it's half price or lower. Looks good, The last FC game I played was 2 and it wasn't good.


    What is GoW?

  7. Is there a good way to save all of the windows 7 updates so that I don't have to use bandwidth every time I setup a system?

    I am considering using windowsupdatesdownloader.com but I have no idea if that's a safe or good way to go.


    How do you guys tackle this?

  8. Ok, so my brother has the money and is ready to start ordering parts. We are in Canada so keep that in mind with the prices. I am using newegg .ca for the buildup but will compare to other vendors before I actually make the order.


    We already have : GPU and HDD. 


    This is what I am looking at so far.


    Phanteks Eclipse P300            $69.99

    ASROCK AB350 Pro4             $129.99

    EVGA 500w Semi Modular      $64.99

    G.SKILL Ripjaws  8GB             $99.99

    Ryzen 3 1300X                         $164.99


    Total is $530 before taxes and shipping. Do you guys see any mistakes or better ways to go with this? Should more money be put on the table to get a more future resistant build?

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