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  1. feetfats

    Good Boot discs with Antivirus software

    Since nobody has responded I will put in my amateur 2 cents. Can the system boot up and run malwarebytes? Spybot search and destroy was always my go to as well but I've honestly not had a big virus problem in a long time. booting into safemode during virus removal helps. I setup my parents with avast on the auto scan and update schedules so I get way less calls from them now. I also taught them to scan files before installing things but I doubt they actually do that. If the system is really messed up I tend to do full format but I'm no pro. What operating system are they running?
  2. feetfats

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    Thank you OCC and Cooler Master for the awesome headset. I ended up buying a wireless one just before I found out I had won this one so I decided that my brother needed a headset upgrade. He was quite pleasantly surprised.
  3. feetfats

    Free R9 270

    I'm back, I have a friend building a fortnite/roblox rig with his son on the cheap. If it's still available I'll pay the shipping to the US. Sorry but whitefiretiger is going to take it.
  4. feetfats

    Boinker's long awaited system update.

    Is there enough room for your sata cables to go into the mobo? It looks tight.
  5. feetfats

    Dumb question

    What happens if I google the word google? Will something break?
  6. feetfats

    Free R9 270

    Holy crap I posted this up after many beers and then forgot all about it. I will PM whitefiretiger to see if he still wants this. Sorry fellas
  7. feetfats

    Free R9 270

    I have a Gigabyte R9 270 2GB to give away. You pay shipping. Canada preferred but will send to USA if nobody steps forward. OCC has been very generous to me over the years and I wan't to give back a little bit. Who wants it?
  8. feetfats

    New Update from Bosco

    Is there no insurance coverage?
  9. feetfats

    Everything Cryptocurrency Thread!

    Definitely no free power here. I was trying to use a mining calculator but now there is all these different things like scrypt, x11 and sha-256. I don't even know what one to look at lol.
  10. feetfats

    Everything Cryptocurrency Thread!

    I just picked up a 1070ti for playing games. I mined a little bit of coins a couple years ago but I've been completely out of the loop since then. Is there any point doing some mining with this card right now?
  11. feetfats

    Far Cry 5

    What is GoW?
  12. I was happily using avast free for ages but its certainly not cutting it anymore. Malwarebytes free trial has been good but then it expires and I lose malware protection. What is your go to program right now?
  13. feetfats

    Saving windows 7 updates

    Thanks very much everyone for all these suggestions. I will look into them.
  14. feetfats

    Saving windows 7 updates

    Is there a good way to save all of the windows 7 updates so that I don't have to use bandwidth every time I setup a system? I am considering using windowsupdatesdownloader.com but I have no idea if that's a safe or good way to go. How do you guys tackle this?