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  1. I used to have this card. I remember using an old outdated version of after burner or maybe the Asus tuning program to get the voltage to unlock. Newer versions wouldn't work. It was a big hassle.
  2. 2020 seems to be the year of renovations. I bought a project property last fall so I'm in the hardware store a lot. I cant believe how busy they have been.
  3. Parts have been ordered. I'm pretty excited. Thanks for the help fellas.
  4. Here is a screenshot of what I plan to purchase. Please let me know if there are any better options. Maybe my CPU cooler is overkill? I currently have a 212 evo cooler. Keep in mind I am in Canada. Thanks.
  5. No intention to build from scratch. I will need to get some ddr4 though. I've done some quick comparisons and it seems like the 9600k might be best bang for buck right now.
  6. Oh I have lol. Its amazing how time flys. I will check out the 9600k.
  7. Hello everyone. My 1070Ti is being bottle necked in games pretty hard by my i5 3570k. What would be a good upgrade path? Will I need a whole new board and ram? I'm running DDR3 memory on an Asrock Z77 Extreme3 Thanks
  8. Since nobody has responded I will put in my amateur 2 cents. Can the system boot up and run malwarebytes? Spybot search and destroy was always my go to as well but I've honestly not had a big virus problem in a long time. booting into safemode during virus removal helps. I setup my parents with avast on the auto scan and update schedules so I get way less calls from them now. I also taught them to scan files before installing things but I doubt they actually do that. If the system is really messed up I tend to do full format but I'm no pro. What operating system are they running?
  9. Thank you OCC and Cooler Master for the awesome headset. I ended up buying a wireless one just before I found out I had won this one so I decided that my brother needed a headset upgrade. He was quite pleasantly surprised.
  10. I'm back, I have a friend building a fortnite/roblox rig with his son on the cheap. If it's still available I'll pay the shipping to the US. Sorry but whitefiretiger is going to take it.
  11. Is there enough room for your sata cables to go into the mobo? It looks tight.
  12. What happens if I google the word google? Will something break?
  13. Holy crap I posted this up after many beers and then forgot all about it. I will PM whitefiretiger to see if he still wants this. Sorry fellas
  14. I have a Gigabyte R9 270 2GB to give away. You pay shipping. Canada preferred but will send to USA if nobody steps forward. OCC has been very generous to me over the years and I wan't to give back a little bit. Who wants it?
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