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  1. Thanks folks, now running on vista 64.
  2. So I've recently discovered I can obtain vista 64 and server 08 enterprise for free via my university. Now I've been doing research and so far as I can tell people aren't too thrilled about server 08 as a gaming workstation, however in the same breath I hear server 08 is much faster than vista plus I like some of the server features. So I am here for advice from those who know considerably more about this than I. If I want a gaming rig with some server functionality which should I go for? Thanks folks. *Edit* Oh, and I should probably specify that it is Vista Business 64 that I can get.
  3. My uTorrent combined with Tomato on my wrt54gl seems to work just fine on Comcrack, not that hard to get around their guff.
  4. Battery is right, warming the silicon in the chip will cause it to expand. However it is my understanding that the primary fatigue factor for computer processors is something called Electromigration, which causes thinning and eventual collapse of the microscopic circuitry within the processor. Heat and voltage are both contributing factors in the degradation of these circuits. Heat results in an increase in resistance of the semiconductor, basically expanding the electron cloud of the silicon atom. With a higher voltage or "pressure" driving the current the associated electron drift velocity is greater, and when those electrons get pushed in the direction of current they exert a pulling force on their parent nuclei making the metal pool at one end and eventually severing the circuit. Ideally if your processor were at 0K it would operate at 100% efficiency with no voltage drop and no wear on the circuits, but that's only a dream. So the answer I suppose is, well, both affect the life of your processor. Heat because it increases the damaging affect of voltage and voltage because eats away those tiny circuits and generates more heat which increases resistance requiring more voltage which causes more heat...... Well you get the idea. So keep it low on the volts and as cool as you can, I expect you'll already be on to your next processor long before you notice a decrease in performance anyway.
  5. I'll be damned, that worked like a charm. Also I see now that the actual bus speed is 300 so yeah lowing the mem would bring them closer. I don't fully understand the fix or the performance impact underclocking my mem will have so if someone could explain it to me I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks Goblin. Being a newcomer to overclocking it seems to me that decreasing the mem clock while increasing the cpu will compound problems between them. I'll try your settings and see if it's stable, all I care about is stability imo.
  7. Hey folks. So I'm having some stability issues with my overclock and for the life of me I can't figure out what the problem is. Prime95 fails a worker after only a few seconds with a "rounding was 0.5 should be <0.4" error. I've tried upping vcore, running 1.38 vcore now, with 2.2 on mem and 1.3 FSB. My FSB is 300 MHz x10 and mem is 860 MHz. My timings are 5-5-5-15. I've done the P95 small FFT test and it seems stable, so I'm convinced the problem is with my memory somehow. Perhaps it's the chip and my dreams of a 3GHz stable comp are dashed, but if you have any suggestions that might solve my problem please share. Thanks.
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