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  1. tjmagneto

    Do you use Twitter?

    I have a Facebook account but rarely use it. Twitter = no.
  2. tjmagneto

    Intel Core i7 980X Tested

    Nice Review. Thanks. I remember those days...
  3. tjmagneto

    Who had a fermi setup sent to him!?

    Crysis is unworthy of this awesomeness!
  4. tjmagneto

    Steam Holiday Sales

    I just loved building all sorts of kill zones and then sit back and watch all the fun. It might take a couple of restarts but then I'd finally get it right.
  5. tjmagneto

    Steam Holiday Sales

    Just remember: The cake is a lie. Bought Defense Grid. Fun and cheap, I like it that way. I'm going to have to do more shopping when I get home from work since I saw the posting about Burnout Paradise being on sale.
  6. There's only one tool you need for that kind of job: a sledgehammer!
  7. If this is true then they can have all the breaks as they want, just not as EMTs.
  8. Same here with the flashbacks. I'm not even working for our IT dept anymore and yet I still get questions at work. Guess I'll never fully escape it.
  9. tjmagneto

    2009: What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I was shown a video of some type of music called "Viking Metal." Not sure what the band called was but it sure was interesting. It sounded like
  10. tjmagneto

    2009: What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Listening to this at work. Album: James Brown's Funky Christmas Right now it's playing Let's Make this Christmas Mean Something this Year Something about hearing JB screaming puts me in the Christmas spirit.
  11. tjmagneto

    Sam Adams RULES!!!

    I tried their Triple Bock once. It had a kickass alcohol content but not as much as the Utopias. You'd uncork the bottle and pour it out like a brandy or such. There was virtually no carbonation and the tastes I remembered were maple syrup and soy sauce (really).
  12. tjmagneto

    Understanding Computer Technology

    I have a t-shirt like that.
  13. tjmagneto

    RIP Verran

    My condolences as well.
  14. I needed a laugh this afternoon and this story did it for me. $1,000,000 Bugatti + 1 pelican + 1 cellphone = splashdown fail. Expensive problem for the driver but a cheap laugh for me.
  15. tjmagneto

    2 much fun..!!

    I loved playing with the machete and watching the body parts fly.
  16. tjmagneto

    New Big Wus

    OK so while I was away this weekend I ran this at -smp 8 without the video card. Points for the bigadv unit alone went up a little to 56,648. Now on to tweak things so the CPU and GPU get along better.
  17. tjmagneto

    New Big Wus

    I'm going to give -smp 8 a try and have the GPU running at a lower priority than the CPU. Now I'm just waiting on another big WU to download.
  18. tjmagneto

    Gotta Love Tailgaters

    Great story. I love to play games with the fools who try to pass on the right and try to squeeze in front of me in my lane before they have to brake for the slow guy in front of them(apologies for the run on sentence). Just a little tap on the accelerator and "take that loser!"
  19. tjmagneto

    New Big Wus

    That's right! I thought that it wasn't going to fly based on the info I read on the eVGA site but I decided to give it a go and if the frame times were bad I'd up it to 8. Well it for some reason worked. Next up is play time: I'm going to set it to -smp 8 and see if the big WU client and my video card still play nice together. Then I'll take the GPU offline and see what happens performance wise. Or maybe the other way around. Regardless I think I'll only run this WU if I'm going to be away from home as I'm afraid to do anything too taxing on the system (e.g. gaming) where I might need to pause it for any significant amount of time. I'd still make the 4 day deadline but tI guess I greedy for the bonus points. For the rest of the time I'll just switch over to the regular WUs.
  20. tjmagneto

    New Big Wus

    Success! The big WU finished this morning after running about 2.5 days. Total points: 54,591
  21. tjmagneto

    The Yankees are the best again!

    Toronto Blue Jays?
  22. tjmagneto

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    New batteries for my 5 cordless phones (ouch!). They took a vote and decided to die almost all at once. I had to order them online as I could not find replacements locally. Another T-Rad2 GTX cooler for my second GTX 275. The first one installed slick, cools nicely and so I ordered a second one.
  23. tjmagneto

    New Big Wus

    OK, so I have VMWare Player 3.0 installed and it saw all 8 cores on my i7-920 I downloaded the Linux image from the eVGA thread that roadrunner had posted and fired it up last night. I also used the -smp 7 flag they recommended instead of 8 cores (real and virtual) available. I am also running my gtx 275 videocard as well and using stock settings for it.. So far it looks promising. With my CPU overclocked to 3.6 ghz I am getting an average frame time of 36.83 min. which looks pretty good compared to the stats posted on the folding forum. CPU usage is 90-93% but memory usage jumped to 78% which was no surprise. Not bad for a Windows PC running a Virtual Machine I think.
  24. tjmagneto

    ADHD/Adult ADHD

    I know it does not replace a visit to the physician I took one of those online evaluations and scored way too well for having ADHD. I've been accused of having it, in jest usually, but in hindsight they were probably right. I got "promoted" from 1st to 2nd grade because I couldn't be kept busy enough and I am still not the most organized person in the world. I can't focus on tasks and keep hopping from one thing to another, unless I force myself to which is tough. This would explain my job hopping at my employer where I'd get bored doing something and then would take on another job. That would occupy me until I got bored again. I'd joked with my colleagues that I changed jobs an average of 5 years. A couple of years ago I left my system admin job as I was bored and went back to patient care doing MRI scans. This put me on a set task schedule with patient appointments which keeps me focused. My oldest son had been diagnosed with ADHD along with petit mal seizures when he was in preschool with both traced back to problems during delivery and a little bit of my genetics thrown in for good measure. He was able to come off his medication, Cylert, during his late teens and is only being treated for seizures.
  25. tjmagneto

    finally made it

    Great news! :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: