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  1. Hi All, I currently have a AMD 965BE and will be upgrading to the 8150 in 2 weeks. Right now the motherboard I got I think I may have damaged it but by looking at the cpu support list it doesn't say specifically PHII 965and require to get a new one. Current motherboard is M5A97. The 2 motherboards I am looking at is the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 or the Asus Crosshair V Formula Socket AM3+ Please help
  2. ok so 3.9 seems to be my wall i seem to have hit. I still have not touched any voltage and only changed the multiplier. When i tried 4ghz it crashes with BSOD.
  3. ok I am using this for gaming. All i did was bump up the multiplier to 19x from the bios Here is a screenshot of what I got so far.. Let em know if there's more or something else I can do.. Right now it's running at 3.8ghz. My overall goal that I'd like to reach is min 4ghz
  4. Hi All, I pretty new to overclocking. I have been seeing allot of posts on the net about this cpu hitting 4.0-4.1ghz. I have recently bought my cpu water cooling the Antec 920. I am so lost when it comes to overclocking this cpu and the "overclocking" from asus can only put it at 3.7ghz. Is there anybody that can help me out please? I don't even know where to start as this bios seems a bit different. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Wow... How can this be considered that "ignorance is bliss"??? Seriously man, People can only give valid reviews on items that they own and/or have tried... By the sounds of it your the one who seems to be ignorante.. But hey who are we to judge you since were just "ignorante" people.. Giving an opinion on something you have never tried nore have never owned would be a poser.. Also, I am sure this individual has done a bit of research on and just didnt come in here blindly asking people what he should buy... As well, if your not here to add your input on audio devices then keep your comments to yourself. People like you make new people to the board uncomfortable on giving their opinions, because of people like you who think their smarter then everybody else and have the omasity to call people ignorante.
  6. wow I just thought it was impressive... <_< lol guess not..
  7. Wow I had to shard this with you guys.. Check this out!! LINK Pretty crazzy eh?? P4 651 OC'd to 6.14ghz This guy used a DICE system to cool off the CPU.
  8. if you creat your partionts into Dynamic and the set the2nd HD as an extended drive. you can do all of this threw computer manager and set it all to the C:\ there fore you wont even notice the 2nd HD or even create it as a folder on your desktop and then it will read it as HD1 and HD2 as total disk space as opposed to seperate disks. I think in a spannded environment sets up the HD's as in a RAID without doing so in the initial install of the OS. Therefor you acctually usuing the 2 HD's at the same time but will include the diskspace as a 1 whole. You have to make sure though that the partitions that you creat for spanned are exactly the same size. Once again this is all recommended doing this threw computer manager. Also note that once you creat your HD's into Dynamic Disks you can't revert back to basic disks. If you need any help in doing this pm me and we'll chat threw MSN and I'll walk ya threw it.
  9. Gotta love em Black Editions.. I got myself a 7750 BE and clocked to just under 3ghz.. with little to almost no effort xD
  10. What's max CPU temp while OC'd?? Currently I have it at 2.93ghz from a 2.7... What's the MAX idel temps and heavey usage temps? Right now in Idel it's 39c 1.39v After Runnind 3dmark06 I got 12092 score and cpu was at 45c system at 43c... Am I good to go for 3ghz?
  11. I'm extreemly happy with my Razer Barracuda HP-1 5.1 Headset Razor is coming out with a new headset 7.1's in the 1st Q/2009 Razer Megalodon is a 7.1 in my personaly opinion I give the Razer Barracuda HP-1 5.1 Headset a 10/10!
  12. Humm......... I didn't know that... o.0 So I'm better off to sell the board that it comes with and sell my old one.. I think I'm gonna do that Awsome Idea thanks man!!
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