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  1. EVGA X58 3X SLI watercooled Core i7 920 @ 2.66 Ghz under a Heatkiller rev 3 Idle: 28 C Load: 50 C (Ambient: 25 C) EVGA GTX 295 Watercooled by EK block Idle: 32 C Load: 45 C (Ambient: 25 C) Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
  2. Try Certain Dri. Its an anti-perspirant you put on at night before bed. The idea is it works on plugging the sweat glands at night when your body is cooler and sweating less. In the morning you can put deodorant (not more antiperspirant!) on to control any odor.
  3. Ive upgraded ram and processors with no problem, but Ive never done a mobo.
  4. I have two of this rad and have had excellent performance from them: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8523/ex-...l?tl=g30c95s161 It fits easily in the top of my HAF with fans and has room to spare. Its more expensive than the pro, but cheaper than the GTX. It works great for low speed (read low noise!) fans.
  5. This game was a blast. I highly recommend it.
  6. Id say at least 8 feet. That gives you lots of options on placement, and if you screw up, you have extra tubing if needed. It should be way more than you need, but better to have extra than not enough. The one thing I wish I had in my loop was a drain port. It would make things a lot easier.
  7. I liked the 1/2 in tubing for the possibility of higher waterflow. Ive seen lots of people with the 3/8 in interior diameter tubing. The main disadvantage to the 1/2 inch tubing is it will not take as tight a bend before it kinks as some of the thinner tubing. I have never found this to be a problem.
  8. I have my HAF 932 under water. I first started with only the CPU. I bought everything but the tubing and clamps used for about 150. Rad: XSPC RX360 triple rad with 3 scythe s-flex g fans Block: Heatkiller rev 3 Pump: Danger Den / Laing DDC-12V (or some version of it, there are many names for it) Res: XSPC Res top 1/2 inch barbs and tubing with anti kink coiling. I later cooled the gpu as well. Added a second rad, second pump, xspc dual bay dual pump res, gpu block, extra tubing.
  9. Wont you need the 6 Gbps Sata connector on the mobo to benefit from that though?
  10. Plus, many water cooling components state you should only use distilled water with them anyway.
  11. If you are looking for people to play with, I have a group that is playing. Shoot me a message and Ill get you forums info.
  12. On air, the gpu idled in the 70s and load was in the 90s. Once I put it on water idle dropped to the 30s. I havent yet had a chance to stress the GPU. All these temps, by the way, for the cpu and gpu are with the fans only at half speed.
  13. Pretty sure its a C0. Bought it back in March. Ive thought about shooting for 4. Im a bit concerned about wear on the components though. As a poor graduate student, I had to abstain from eating for a few months to put this rig together. Cant afford a blowout! On a side note, anyone know of some good medium brightness LED's that have a wide dispersion? I bought some bitspower led's from frozen cpu, and those suckers are like lasers! No spread in the lighting. When I turn my room lights out, it looks like I have two red eyes in the front of my case! Lights off: Lights on:
  14. I intend to. Havent had a chance to sit down and do it. Im not sure how high to shoot for, but Im thinkin 3.66.
  15. Is the fish tank covered? Id be worried about dust collecting in my water loop. Love the fan tho
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