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    intel i7-965 extreme 3.2, --6 gigs Dominator XMP DDR3 1600MHz---OCZ, 120GB Apex Series SSD system drive, 300 gig raptor secondary drive---(2) two 295 gtx in quad sli---Domino A.L.C. Liquid CPU Cooler---CORSAIR, CMPSU-1000HX HX Series Power Supply---
  1. dont worry ill sell them to you, when the next best card comes out....judging on how the industry only gives us about 6 months for bragging rights, they should be for sale in august . im sure there will be new cards out by then...and ill be hunting them down on newegg..lol..
  2. see now that is good , helpful advice which is what we need more of on this board..
  3. dude give the guy a break, we all try and push our pc's to the limits, thats the fun of the hobby, we do it with pc's , cars, everything. instead of an attitude why dont you help the guy out and give him some creative ideas on how he could hit the mark he is aiming for. if everyone was just happy with what they got, nobody would ever overclock anything.
  4. Pretty much just overclocking to bench, then ill bring it down , but still gonna keep it above stock levels.. most overclocks are for benchmarks, i mean i saw people overclock their cpu's and barely increased their fps , maybe by 5, but their benchs went up nicely..i like just tweaking it. I had my laptop flying...except the battery was dead in like 5 minutes..lol..
  5. sup everyone, i have two quick questions about overclocking my video cards...they are 2 295gtx cards in quad sli. first question, is i only have stock cooling for my video cards..being that they are in quad sli, am i not going to be able to overclock as high as i would if i only had one card due to the cards being close together and causing more heat? and second, do all the timings have to be the same on every gpu in order for the cards to run properly? since i have to do each gpu seperately, im wondering if they are differnt would it cause the system to be unstable. i successfully overclocked my nvidia 6800 video card back in the day, but never tried anything with multiple gpu's. so i don't want to fry my boards....thanks in advance..
  6. the other drive is the 300GB (WD3000HLFS) WD VelociRaptor
  7. after doing more research i decided to change two things to my pc build. I had 12 gigs of ram and a raptor HD , now i changed that too having 6 gigs of ram , and OCZ, 120GB Apex Series SSD as my primary and the raptor drive as secondary..i figured 6 gigs of ram is more then enough and id benefit more from having the ssd drive and the extra space it gives me rather then the xtras 6 gigs of ram ill probably never use..Do u guys think that was a better move?
  8. its a lot of work man...seriously..
  9. i agree, but i just turned 30, have no kids , and just have girls i date..so no money sucking wife..lol..i have two pensions for retirement , drive a sweet . car and have a sick place....so im just living it up while i can , cause once i have kids and get married its pretty much over..lol.. man if you guys think i spent too much money on this computer, you would flip considering i have abotu 12 grand invested in a 180 gallon reef tank in my living room...hahah..i have issues..lol..
  10. depending on which part it is they are different. and most void if you mess with voltage settings and stuff. i guess you can claim it died on its own, im not sure how far they look into returns..this warranty is full parts and labor for 3 years..in 3 years im gonna need new stuff anyway..so its perfect for me..
  11. and tacohunter...im most definatley going to overclock......the whole reason im having them do it first is to have it under warranty..then when i get it , i can go full speed without any worries.. lol..
  12. i have no problems taking criticism , but i wasn't getting that. i was getting sarcastic comments as if i had no idea what i was talking about. I hate that im better then you mentality because most of the time people who are arrogant and choose not to help other people out are usually the biggest losers of all. anyway i don't even care .some people aren't worth my time. i wasn't asking for peoples comments on my computer or how great it was, i was asking about overclocking settings, specifically which ones i would be asking for trouble setting. temp, freq. ect.. as for the build, other then the ram, i dont see what about my pc is overkill. i bought the best video cards right now i could get, and we all know by end of summer, they will be 3rd or 4th best...so as far as i'm concerned the best video card you can get i would get.People who consider themselves tech savy should know this. At least as far as gaming is concerned. the reason i was asking about overclocking is, when i get my computer im gonna mess around with it. so i was asking what settings are considering rediculous. One so i don't mess things up and two to make sure the people who overclocked my computer knew what they were doing. anyway as soon as i get it, ill post and see how far i can push things...im curious to see what they bump it up to. thanks for replies..look forward to posting more..
  13. for what its worth, i think it would feel better to be in the ferrari and lose the race then be in a honda civic.lol...while i may have lost the race, id still be home banging the prom queen, while the guy in the civic would be home cleaing his import.
  14. But its 500 bucks..its not thousands of dollars...the parts in my pc i was ordering from newegg and it came out to around 3600 without tax and shipping..And if you read my post, the reason why i was having someone build it for me is because my last overclock didn't last.it burned out. I'm not building the pc to have the highest possible ghz. i want a pc that can play games at max settings , that is going to last awhile , i could have gotten cheaper parts, but i have had too many computers to know that in 6 months if you didn't get top of the line stuff, you weren't playing games at max settings..maybe the technology has caught up a bit more now , then it did 10 years ago. regardless it doesn't justify people being pricks. (not saying it was you) but just read people posts and they sound like nerds. I thought i asked a decent question about overclocking, and people starting giving me attitude. Only tools would think its cool to be sarcastic to someone because they had their pc built instead of building it themselves. And im not rich..i make over six figures a year and i just turned 30 , so yeah, i blow my money on stupid stuff, but this being a supposed overclocking website, i would think people wouldn't give me a problem because im talking about high end computer equipment. i would expect that from another message board, not this one.
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