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  1. Might not be a bad idea to read up on tips for how to deal with stuff like this, a favorite article of mine has some pretty good advice that relates to this a little bit but not fully. Dealing with violent confrontations is mostly about, well what it sounds like, when you give someone a funny look at the bar and they want to fight you or stuff like that. It does mention some good points that would relate to this though, for example, whenever you go to a restaurant, you want to position yourself to be able to see the entrance at all times. The way they say that in the article is a bit more extreme, as most survivalist minded people can be, but still something to consider when you do eat out. I personally try to do that but you can't always do that and I think that's fine too.
  2. That was pretty interesting, thanks for sharing.
  3. Interesting thread, I'm a little confused on the scenario though. If the gunman doesn't open fire until reaching the seating area, wouldn't A be the first target? Or is the gunman shooting the hostess first? Well, I'll play them out under the assumption that the hostess is the first target I guess. A: I would think my best bet would be to tackle the gunman, or at least attempt to. If I can change the scenario just a bit here, considering a knife, I personally carry a fixed blade in sheath rather than a pocket knife, so I would try to attack with that if I have it, probably worth mentioning that it would be noticeable so the gunman would make me into a target before anyone I think. If I had a concealed gun, I would try to draw and shoot but I can't imagine I would be too successful. I honestly can't see myself trying to run or hide, rather I can't see myself as having an opportunity at either of those options. It's definitely a tough position. B: I would probably immediately go for the kitchen, I can't say I'm confident it would work out, I would assume the gunman is aiming for threats first and runners second so I wouldn't necessarily be low on the priority list. With a knife available, I would try ducking behind the fireplace hoping I wasn't seen and wait for the gunman to get close and try to attack them. With a gun, I would try using the fireplace as cover and attempt to shoot the shooter, though I will most likely hesitate a little, given that the gunman would likely have taken out some of the people between him and myself, I think it would be mostly clear of other people. C: Hide inside what I'm guessing is the waitress area? Not sure, they look like booth seating but they have "W" so I assume they're some kind of waitress areas. With Knife, again hide and just wait for him to approach, this seems like it would be a difficult spot though since he's completely focused on a particular waitress area at a time. With gun, probably hide and wait for him to approach, unless I want to pull some funky Matrix floor slide towards the front, I can't imagine having a clear shot. In each scenario I would pull any loved ones into any chosen hiding spot. Except for position A, I don't think there's much I could do for them other than attempt to attack the gunman to buy them a little time or save them if successful. Oh, I just figured out what the "W" stands for, I guess it's window. This obviously widens the options with C in particular but there's far too many variables that are unknown to say if I would interact with the window or not, window thickness, solid one piece glass or a wooden frame with multiple small windows, size of window, what's outside the window, whether it's ground level or higher on a building, etc.
  4. Pretty good video. I personally don't do much in the way of ESD protection, which is kind of sad because I do have a wrist strap for it even. I don't work on computers often enough anymore to worry about it though, and I don't modify or work on my own enough to worry about it either, though when I do work on it, I try to work in a place where I'm very unlikely to create static.
  5. You should just clean it all up when they're sleeping and tell them Charles Manson did it.
  6. I would say you can, I'm not so sure that it will have local multiplayer though. I mean it's been done on the PC before, Trine being a good example. My guess is that it's difficult to do however, and I think a lot of it depends on the operating system being able to support stuff like that. That's a lot of what I'm interested in though, if they will just be running Ubuntu or another standard Linux distro, could be they'll have a customized distro though, I doubt they would have an original they created but a modified version of Ubuntu I can see. I'm not sure they will go for Ubuntu even, I think they will aim for something lighter and simpler, I mean, no offense, but it is aimed at the console gamers. I'm excited for it though, it's not often you see me excited for a console type thingy but I think this could be a game changer. I would like to see this succeed, I think some people believe that this will bring about consolitis but I think it's actually going to be the exact opposite. Instead of locking everything up like Sony or Microsoft like to do, I think this will encourage a very open and limitless experience overall. For starters, it's Linux, I'd say it doesn't get too much freer than that, but I also look forward to how this might transform Steam for the better as well, and really the gaming industry overall. With a big player like Valve showing this much support for Linux, I think it will definitely help encourage more developers and publishers to develop for Linux. I've liked Linux ever since I was in middle school but because I'm kind of a gamer first and computer enthusiast second, Windows was the clear winner for me and there wasn't a lot of reason to keep messing with Linux, so I'm hoping this can help change that.
  7. Probably worth mentioning that a look at requirements is a good idea. In particular it requires you have a GTX 650, 660M or higher. I've had a couple friends message me about this and they were all really excited about it until I pointed that out to them. I think it could be a problem for nVidia, timing and compatibility is something they should probably work on. I don't know when they're going to release this, I'm guessing sometime this year? Definitely think they should have waited for their 600 series to take hold and be rolling out the next series before they released this.
  8. Can't you just log out of your steam account when he's there? I'm assuming, from what you said, that the games you allow him to play aren't on your Steam account? Another suggestion, in case you can't find what you're looking for, you can try backing up your saves before he arrives, it's kind of tedious I know but it's what I have to do for Minecraft when my nephew visits.
  9. I think the test to own a gun should be to play Russian roulette, if they agree to play, they're clearly unfit to own guns and should probably be allowed to play.
  10. +1 I used my PS3 controller for playing Dark Souls and motionjoy software does an awesome job, does all the work for you pretty much, driver install and setup is a breeze. Like he said, bluetooth, sixaxis, rumble, it all works like normal.
  11. I agree with this statement! It means more cake for the rest of us! :tongue: Though I don't feel like I am one to give advice, even though I have lost weight, I agree with something DM said. I think it is a lot healthier to lose weight, and keep that weight off, doing it slowly. Many people who plow through weight loss tend to get it back. But one thing that I think I will disagree with him on is a trap I see a lot of people fall into. Some of us, obviously not all, are sugar fiends. I know I am at least. So sometimes quitting sugary treats really means it is just a temporary solution and when we go back we typically binge and lose all that we worked for. Instead of quitting, I recommend being more sensible about it. Some days you can go without sweets but the days you want them you have the willpower to be responsible about it. You're more than welcome to it, I don't need any stinkin' cake! You're right though, most people can't actually quit sugar. I know I didn't, I quit sweets, sugary junk food kind of stuff, but make no mistake, I still take in a good amount of sugar. The important thing is that it's the right kind of sugar, like fruits. When you take in sugar from a cake, it has all the wrong kinds of fat and carbs involved. Where as fruit, a good example being the apple (my favorite), is a good source of fiber and good all around for vitamins, but most importantly it has the right kind of carbs. Thanks to an apple's good carbs and fiber, your process will process it slowly and give you more time to work with the energy. There's a reason you don't get a sugar rush from eating five apples compared to guzzling a whole soda even though you would get more sugar from all those apples. Another example of healthy sugars is honey, real natural honey that is, honey is one of the "best bang for your buck" kind of sugars out there, it will provide more sweetness per calorie than sugar cane or maple syrup and many other forms of sugar, and honey has other properties to it that makes you healthy, it's use in medicine, both old and new still, should be evidence enough that it's a good form of sugar should you feel the need. Personally I make my own home made granola bars and I always use honey in them. Trust me, I'm no stranger to being a sugar fiend. I didn't mention that stuff before because I wanted to keep it simple, I've often times found many people just starting out on a path the get healthier feel overwhelmed when presented with too much information at once, but make no mistake, information is the most important factor in becoming healthier, it's all about learning the different qualities of foods, diets, exercises, and much more. Like I said though, I wanted to keep it short and sweet, no pun intended honest , I figure I can offer a little advice and personal wisdom but ultimately my own experience can't apply to everyone. the best thing for anyone to do is to find and join a community of people with healthy lifestyles and those trying to achieve similar goals and ask about whatever they're curious about at the time, although google works pretty good too. Joining something like Livestrong like ComputerEd suggested is the best idea in my opinion. I personally don't go there but I've read many of their articles and a lot of their information is helpful and balanced, which is what you want in a community. I wouldn't a site like bodybuilding.com, it's geared towards advanced training mostly and you probably will find a good amount of "do you even lift?" mentalities there. That's not to say it's a bad reference either though, it's also a good site with good information but most of it is simply not for beginners.
  12. If you don't mind a little advice, try not to over do it. I know we all want to get through getting to a healthier us as fast as we can but that's pretty difficult to do unless you're really dedicating everything, like taking time off work and avoiding family kind of dedication. I think the most effective way to a healthier life style is in smaller bits. Work on one or two things at a time so you aren't making yourself unhappy and uncomfortable. My recommendation is to start with the diet, change eating habits, this is the easiest place to start in my opinion, what's easier to do than saying no? Just say no to something really bad for you, and once you've conquered that one, choose another. I would say the best place to start is soda, candy, or similar sugary items. That's what I did anyway, I started out quitting (that's what I call it because I've always been a good quitter, figured I could use that negative and turn it into a positive) sweets, for me that meant cake, candies, cookies, ice cream, you know, things that are all sugar, fat, corn syrup. The next thing I quit was soda, I will admit there is a bit of grey area with that I think, it's up to the individual what they consider soda but for me that was Mt Dew, Dr Pepper, Red Bull, Monster, even Kool-Aid (sugary kind, sugar free I still drink, it helps me with a cold or sore throat). Once you quit a certain kind of food or drink, after a while, there is no temptation in it, you can literally look at it up close, hold it in your hand, and you don't even want it. It's a pretty cool feeling to be at a party and say no to cake, it makes you a more interesting person to those around you for sure.
  13. Good luck to you! I've been working pretty hard for a long time now to get myself healthier and it's definitely worth the effort.
  14. Sure we can. Do you want to live in China? No? Exactly. I would like living in Japan though. Ramen noodles every day. Reasons not to live in japan. It is expensive as crap, you can't find a job, they are in MORE debt than america is, it is pretty much impossible to find a house half the size of a average american home that costs less than 10 times as much, etc. Reasons to go. Best food ever and lots of pretty girls. ......................yeup! I am moving to Japan. X D I would have to assume a lot of that is a location thing. It makes sense if you're talking a big city like Tokyo. That's pretty much how it is in any country though, if I were to move to Las Vegas or New York, everything becomes three times as expensive, jobs are simply going to be hard to find because that's the way it is in the US right now anyway, housing is the same situation, a house where I live and an identical house in Las Vegas would have huge price differences. These sort of things are usually city/region based, not by country. Then again... if I were to move to Japan it would probably be Tokyo or some other large city, so your point stands I guess.
  15. Well... the world didn't end and it's 4:20 PM where I live... seems like as good of a time as any to "celebrate".
  16. Sure we can. Do you want to live in China? No? Exactly. I would like living in Japan though. Ramen noodles every day.
  17. Gifts I received: Big mug with "Mug of Tea" on it Some kind of strange thing filled with sand and blue liquid and... I have no idea what it is a screw driver pen thingy, a bit of a strange present but I liked it anyway, handy for when I'm working on laptops Bosch cordless drill Lock box? Someone felt bad about forgetting to get me anything so now they want to make a lock box for me Gifts I gave: Olympus XZ-1 Sugar Cubes Towel Holder Razor Blades Gifts for myself: Absolutely nothing I don't really get into the presents part of Christmas too much, I mostly just enjoy the company.
  18. It's "Principal". Clearly removing the paddle couldn't have been that bad for us, we can actually spend our time learning stuff, like spelling, instead of being beaten, but what do I know, I failed almost all my classes in high school. Back to the topic at hand, I'm glad we're arguing discussing religion and who is more free, I think those dead kids can really rest in peace knowing a bunch of computer geeks are discussing this.
  19. I know why this topic hasn't been restarted, TLDR.
  20. That's a terrible plan that doesn't take a lot into consideration.
  21. Zombies. It's the only fun option.
  22. I think I could see Bill Clinton having done something like that in his time.
  23. I love this post, wish I could get a shirt with it on it. There's too many times when I'm talking to people about Live and why it's so crappy and can't explain it properly. This is a pretty good example of it though, any other device wouldn't require something like that to use a service like Netflix. My brother in law has a Wii just for that purpose, just a really cheap way for him to easily watch Netflix on the TV with no complications. What's the deal with no pocket knife? Just go to your closest pawn shop and spend $5. Also, to the rest of you, let's not turn this into a PC vs Console thing huh? As much as I love those debates, it would be nice to have a happy thread not turned into that.
  24. Did this remind anyone else of Half Life?
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