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  1. Looks pretty interesting, definitely has my vote.
  2. People who complain about the work ethic of others while being lazy themselves.
  3. I made a hookah. Edit: Pic added. Edit again: forgot to rotate the image. This is something I made as a birthday gift for someone, they love Bombay Sapphire Gin and always describe it as a "legal liquid form of weed." They don't actually smoke though but it is functional all the same.
  4. Similar to what Jim said, under the desk but still kind of on it.
  5. They're practically begging people to pirate this one.
  6. Also interested in the monitors, any price in mind?
  7. That's actually very believable knowing it was FedEx. They're the only ones I've really had screw up deliveries, mostly they end up delivering my packages to the wrong address a lot. When they do that I try to contact them but it never goes well so I usually contact the seller afterward and they offer a refund, which I accept, then a week or two later FedEx finally delivers my package, all torn up and disheveled by the wrong recipient I assume. Kind of makes me feel like crap when FedEx does it because I feel like I cheated the seller even if I didn't mean to. I mean I can accept that they deliver to the wrong address, it's just an accident, they're human too, but their lack of customer service and communication is what really kills me. USPS is pretty decent but seems like they mess up a little too often as well, UPS is the best around in my opinion. UPS drivers go through a bit of trouble to deliver packages to our doorstep but they do pretty much every time. We have a somewhat long driveway that can be difficult to pull into, and then we have these crazy misshapen steps to the door that can be quite a workout if a person isn't used to them, I usually try to meet them at the bottom of the steps because of it but all the same, I really appreciate the effort they put into their work. USPS is pretty decent usually but sometimes they make some really weird screw ups, just recently I ordered a birthday present for someone and USPS returned the package to the seller about five days after the shipping date. Usually it wouldn't matter but because of that my present probably won't be in time for their birthday which is a little frustrating but the seller was good about it and threw in some extra stuff to make up for it so I'm not too upset.
  8. mumble grumble Fedex, hurr durr USPS, giggity diggity UPS. amidoinitrite?
  9. When he asked if there was anything else you would ever need, you should have asked him to make you a sandwich. Great post though, I'm glad you took the time to share this information because it's actually something I've wondered about before but never had happen to me, or at least not in such a way that it was problematic. I have had a similar experience though, where I RMA'd a Seagate drive and got a different model back, it was the same capacity and specs pretty much though so it didn't matter to me. This is a lot of reason I try to get a reliable product in the first place, I'm not fond of going through RMAs so it's much easier to spend a couple extra dollars if I need to and get something reliable.
  10. I used to have a couple full tower cases but anymore I think I prefer mid tower cases. I think as long as I don't have a part that really requires the space, a mid tower is more practical overall. It's easier to move around mostly, also easier to clean I think, cleaning a computer that's full size but with parts that could fit in a mid tower fine is just creating unnecessary work I think.
  11. I prefer headphones but my gaming sessions are usually too long for that to be comfortable. Anymore I use speakers mostly, but still prefer my headphones.
  12. When zombies happen... I can die happy.
  13. I think the world is already conquered by ipods though.
  14. Just finished the game and survey, I really liked it. I admit though, I'm a bit bias since I enjoy adventure games like these anyway. I do want to ask though, concerning the ending... I forgot to mention this in my survey answers but I liked that you used your own area code in some of the phone numbers, small details/easter eggs/tip of the hat like that are a lot of what can make a game more fun or interesting I think.
  15. I actually used to have that particular MP3 player, can't say the review is very accurate from what I remember but maybe I had a post review one that they improved on. I recall it being quite a nice little player and my favorite thing about it was that it didn't require any software to connect to a computer. It was my first Sansa and ever since I've been in love with their players.
  16. You do if you want them to do anything lol. Thats like drinking alcohol but not swallowing it. So do tell, what exactly are they supposed to do? Nicotine is a drug. I know that. But i never figured out what people get out of it. I don't know myself but most people seem to say it relaxes them.
  17. You do if you want them to do anything lol. Thats like drinking alcohol but not swallowing it. Well there is is such a thing as wine tasting... I suppose people don't really enjoy the taste of a cigarette the same way as wine though.
  18. Seems to me like 2 and 3 probably carry the most weight on the form. The parts we have to fill in manually and not just click on are probably the ones they will pay more attention to.
  19. Anyone know what the Guild Name and Guild Website fields are asking for exactly?
  20. I'd recommend giving Knock Knock a look. It's made by a Russian developer called Ice-Pick Lodge, famous for artistic and atmospheric games such as The Void and Pathologic.
  21. I'd say you hit the nail on the head there, it's the same reason your doctor might ask you about if you've had any alcohol recently, so they can diagnose you as an alcoholic and send you to rehab for some occasional whine during special dinners. This is a lot of the reason I try to refuse to answer or lie to doctors when they ask me about stuff that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm seeing them for. This is especially true if the government or companies with an agenda are paying for your doctor visits and stuff like that, they have it so they can get that information and profit on it. I've seen this sort of stuff happen to several people I know and it makes it hard for me to want to see any doctors when I break a toe or something like that out of fear that I might be diagnosed with depression because I wasn't looking particularly cheerful during that visit.
  22. I was thinking about timing more than anything, that's why A simply feels impossible to me, doesn't help that I still don't understand A either. The amount of time I would have to react is pretty small, I would guess I have less than 2 or 3 seconds to do something. That was why my first decision would have been to simply rush or tackle the shooter, I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be time to pull a knife or gun, perhaps a gun if you're really good with it. I really don't think it's all that useful to guess at the skill of the shooter ahead of time, it's something you simply can't know, and to use ourselves as examples wouldn't work for those that haven't shot at all, like myself. All the same, I'm sure there are some here that are quite skilled in shooting a handgun. I would say this, if anything, I think the fact that they're dual wielding pistols could affect it, I would think it would take them slightly longer with aiming and would make their aim worse even. That's just speculation though, like I said, never shot a gun myself. In regards to knife carry, I have mine on my belt, depending on what shirt I might be wearing at the time, it could be visible or it could be hidden, it's more than likely going to be hidden though. Having a fixed blade, I would say I can probably draw faster than I could with a pocket knife for sure. Even so, the shooter would probably get me first, I'm in clear view and close up, I don't think I'd stand a chance unless I just immediately starting rushing him. As for positioning, I made my post based on the idea that we're seated in the spot the letters are, so back turned on A. If other way around, I wouldn't really know what to do, if I had a gun, it would probably be my first choice, but if they're on a side of the table, I might try flipping it for cover. I actually just thought of something else though, and I think it's definitely something I would try. I also carry a flashlight on me all the time, I could easily blind the shooter with it, it's a pretty bright one. From there I could try attacking myself or maybe see if someone else might while I blind them. By which I mean, take a quick look around to see if anyone else might, not like verbally ask someone to do it, that would give the shooter too much time and probably start shooting at random. Only reason I would check for that is because I wouldn't really be able to keep blinding them and rush them at the same time. If I had a gun I think I could feel pretty confident using the flashlight with it.
  23. What the hell do you carry that's balanced enough to throw properly? I'd also be interested in knowing what you carry, I've never known anyone to carry throwing knives.
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