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  1. Anymore I'm more worried about people in real life finding out about me on here than people on here finding out about me in real life.
  2. Voted yes for DreadOut! I've wanted to play the Fatal Frame games for a while now but just haven't yet, mainly because of the hassle of digging out my PS2 and setting it up and having to buy the game still. This looks pretty good though so maybe it'll help with my survival horror game cravings.
  3. That's odd, Steelseries is kind of known for their headphones/headsets more than their mice I would think, maybe I'm wrong though. Personally never found any of their mice appealing, the mouse pads they have are tempting though. Headset: Steelseries Siberia V2 black for when I use voice chat, otherwise I use my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones. Keyboard: Corsair K90 Mouse: I wish I could say I have something with a fancy name but I just have a gaming mouse from Anker. Literally they just call it "Anker
  4. I wait until I need to, I actually updated my video card drivers just last night. Was getting some crashes from a couple games so I figured it was time.
  5. I agree, I've always wondered why there are yearly threads for a lot of stuff. Especially since like you said, it usually doesn't start right away on January 1st.
  6. LIES! I'm awesome, I don't do anything bad, I just die a lot.
  7. Got the RT-N16 in a little bit ago, setup with easy, it was pretty much plug and play, just had to do a little settings changes and it's perfect. Hopefully it proves to stay perfect, I've already downloaded the latest firmware for it just in case I end up needing it. So far I'm very happy about getting this though, it's much faster than what we had been using and it shows. Everything feels so snappy now, all web pages are almost instant compared to before.
  8. I see to have started out on a tallish building, is that normal?
  9. I'm tempted to upgrade my router to the pricey RT-AC66U just to see how good that one is, if you're interested in mine, I don't mind selling it for $60 shipped. Would need to reset to factory default and it'd be good to go (and I could flash to the latest firmware if it isn't already). Almost all routers warm up to some degree. I usually place mine on top of my top exhaust fans from my case to dissipate some of the heat. Thanks for the offer but I already placed my order for it. Ya, I normally don't care about whether our router overheats or not, we always used cheap $20 or less routers after all. I'll probably try to make sure this one is treated better though.
  10. So far I think I like the RT-N16 best. I've been looking at a lot of reviews for it and most of it's recent reviews look good, going to get some sleep now and take a more thorough look at it tomorrow. It's a bit pricey to me but I think it's about time I sprung for a good router and stopped all the headaches. The DIR-655 also has some appeal but I'm seeing some mentions of reliability and heat issues, as well as customer service being not so great. The RT-N66U does look pretty awesome, reviews for it are great all around but it's a little more than I'd like to spend on a router, and it feels like most of it's reviews are more about performance than reliability and ease of use so it probably offers a lot that I don't really need or want I think. Edit: Well after reading more reviews I'm pretty much coming to a conclusion that I'm not going to get too far without some kind of firmware update or change, I think I'll just go ahead and order the RT-N16 and see what it's like out of the box and if I don't like it, I'll just go ahead and update the firmware.
  11. Are any of these good out of the box? I'm not looking to mess with DD-WRT or Tomato right now, I'm just wanting something simple and easy, something that won't require any work. A lot of the reviews for these routers seem to suggest the need for a firmware update or DD-WRT/Tomato. I've tried messing with that stuff before and it didn't seem to work out, kind of just looking for a headache-free router.
  12. Okay, so I need to get a new router, people in the house are constantly whining about our current router, which changes weekly now, going from cheap router to cheap router. So I ask you computer gurus, help me find a final solution to this problem. I just need a router that is easy and simple to work with and has a great range. Price is no issue, unless it's like $300 or something.
  13. Not a bad review, could use more tigers. My preference for AV for a long time was Avira, mainly for being light on resources and less annoying than most. Sadly the second part has become less of a pro in recent years with them so now I use Avast, which is by far my favorite. I've tried all of those reviewed except for Immunet, can't say I cared for anything aside from Avast and Malwarebytes, those two are all I've ever found useful. I did use and like AVG for a while but I found it to be a resource hog and brought up way too many false alarms. Panda is okay, I never tried it much since I already had Avast. I think one thing that may have made the review better is to consider how each AV advertises and alerts. I find there are many AV that advertise their full version too much if you're using their free version, at the same time I have found some to have very annoying and intrusive alert pop-ups, ones that would automatically override any other program you have up and you can't throw the pop-up into the background. it's been my experience that most customers I've had would prefer something like Norton over Avira simply because Avira has annoying pop-ups and ads, which is sad because they usually don't have a computer that can handle a resource hog like Norton.
  14. I found that this gives quite a detailed explanation : http://venturebeat.com/2013/03/28/understanding-bioshock-infinites-ending-ending-explanation/ Thanks, that does help, I actually did a lot more searching after I posted last night and found similar explanations, though it took quite a lot of looking. I guess it's just something I can't understand fully, but simply have to accept.
  15. Okay, so I finished the game some days ago and I just can't comprehend the ending fully it seems. Wondering if anyone here can help me make sense of it.
  16. I would say go for it, use protection and don't worry so much. If you're really worried about it, you could try asking about it when you get to that point.
  17. I originally had this thread titled 'Ahhhh... dumb rich people' but I changed it on the one in a million chance my custom saw the post. What was the point of changing it if you're just going to say all that in a post anyway?
  18. Awesome deal, worth it for Killing Floor alone I think. Also, good find on the "DLC" part, that was something I didn't see when I bought it, I simply read "Full DLC List" on their page and assume that meant all the DLC. Kind of disappointed in them for not phrasing that better, disappointed in Tripwire for not including all DLC, and disappointed in me for not being more thorough, so much disappointment, but oh well, I still got one or two that I didn't have before. Edit, also I have an extra key for Red Orchestra 1, let me know if any of you wants it.
  19. I kind of agree with Green a bit, I'm not terribly far in yet but so far the game has felt fairly linear and limited. All the same though, I'm loving the game so far. I'm just happy to finally have a good single player FPS to play again, they are far too rare anymore.
  20. Have you tried taking the ball out and cleaning it?
  21. Wanted to specify this:Ditto! It'll turn into whatever body sex slave I want (though i guess I'm having sex with a transsexual lol) Nope, the image says a starter pokemon. Wanted to specify this:Ditto! It'll turn into whatever body sex slave I want (though i guess I'm having sex with a transsexual lol) You could always get a ditto and make it turn into whatever you want. Andrew, you're drunk, go home.
  22. Pokemon, specifically, Bulbasaur, because what good is a sex slave without the tentacles?
  23. So did anyone else notice that she is using Dr. Dre Beats headphones? Apparently she's also using an iPhone 4. Not only do these things suggest the game is set in very modern times, but that she also follows trends, she might be a top notch explorer but I think Lara could do with some learning in technology yet. Just started playing this the other night, so far it's been fairly enjoyable, I'm no Tomb Raider fan, played part of the original and a little of Anniversary. This one is definitely more enjoyable than those before it I think. I'm about 30% through it so far and overall I would say CD did a pretty good job with it. It plays smoothly for the most part, the combat is pretty basic so far but I like that, I don't think this kind of game needs complex combat. The platforming isn't too bad, but there are definitely areas where I think the design was just poor and left me frustrated more than challenged. The controls aren't the best but I don't think I've seen too many games mix shooting with platforming and have a spectacular control scheme, something like that might be easier on a console, this game definitely feels like it might play better with a controller. My only real beef with the game so far is the lack of guidance, meaning the controls, they could have made it clearer how to interact and what to press at certain times.
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