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  1. Shouldn't it be Big Publisher Bundle or something? I don't really see how this is indie. Honestly, I'd probably get this if all the games were redeemable on Steam, I just don't like it when there are games that are Origin only. Edit: Screw it... for a single dollar, I'll break down and buy it. It's just DS3 that's Origin only anyway, not a big deal. PewDiePie Bundle looks awesome.
  2. Kind of agree with Phil there, I remember the atmosphere here being different when I first joined, it was a lot more fun back then.
  3. I think that ZC2 discount is a bit better than what I paid for it during the summer sale. I think it was $10 or $9 during the summer sale. Oh well, not a big deal and I'm happy to support the developers anyway. Kind of odd how they do bundles for some games. the Carpe Fulgur bundle is a little more than if bought individual.
  4. I think, like some others already said, it's because it's summer, and a most unusual summer at that. This is one of those summers where it's mostly just stayed cool all the time, at least around my area. I find a lot more people like to get out of the house on a cool summer as opposed to a hot summer. Another thing to consider, it's a next gen console year. I wouldn't expect a ton of people to be exploring pc gaming on a console release year.
  5. For those asking why race is a concern in all of this, it's because of money. Organizations like the NAACP get involved in stuff like this because that's how they make money. That organization would disappear if they didn't promote the idea of racism. The same goes for the media that reports on this stuff, they need those ratings, they need a hot topic that's going to get everyone talking and watching. That's just the truth of the matter, these people don't really care about Trayvon or Zimmerman, they care about the money they can make by exploiting Trayvon and Zimmerman. I live in a small town in Missouri, I have a lot of racist friends, I can tell you right now, none of them care about Trayvon or Zimmerman, it doesn't concern them. What happened miles and miles away doesn't affect the people in my community and so they aren't concerned with it. Race doesn't matter here in any form aside from making money. That's America, for those outside of the US asking, this is what America does and how it behaves, it's about money, not race.
  6. I can relate, I've walked out on a job before. I'd like to do the same with my current job but I need another in place first, I think I actually have one lined up perhaps, it doesn't pay as well but I'm fairly confident I'll get treated better and possibly have benefits. I also understand the feeling of people playing favorites, I'm currently a co-lead where I work and my lead plays favorites, I'm one of them but it doesn't make me feel good, makes me feel bad if anything. During my lead days I make my judgements based on work ethic that I've witnessed first hand or from people I trust to be honest with me, I try not to play favorites, though it's not a challenge since I don't have friends at work anymore.
  7. You can buy backgrounds in the market place, I just bought a Trine 2 background for $0.05. Cheaper than any of the cards by $0.20. Edit: It does seem to vary a lot though, I was thinking about getting a Skyrim background as well and prices are all over the place for those, some cheap, some not.
  8. Is there any way to know what a badge provides ahead of time or is it random?
  9. You don't even really have to have the game window active, I just have them open in the background while I do other stuff. Made $0.55 so far. Edit: I think there could actually be money to be made at this, a person could even buy a game right now and sell the cards to make a profit. I'm seeing Faerie Solitaire cards going for more than the game costs.
  10. you don't necessarily have to replay them. the game needs to be running but you dont need to be at the keys Now that is some useful information, I left my game on the main menu while I was sleeping and got 3 cards. Can't say I'm fond of the idea of trading cards on here but I have sold one so far so I guess it's kind of nice.
  11. They had that around for quite a while, I was considering getting that when I was looking for a wireless keyboard for my HTPC. I went with a $15 Logitech keyboard in the same series at that one, I got it like two years ago, haven't had to replace the batteries yet, and I think that's probably why solar keyboards aren't that common, hard to justify spending an extra $40 or so for that when others will last a couple years or more on a couple of AAs.
  12. Well the idea never really existed during the N64 days, but when the PS2 came along and did it, it showed a good step forward for gaming. To see the PS3 lose it's ability and the PS4 completely lack it shows that there isn't good progress now, where as before it was a two steps forward deal, it's now a two steps forward and one step back deal. Another thing to consider is that this is going to be a more common complaint from PC gamers anyway, it's to be expected. I mean if you consider that you can play 15+ year old DOS games and many other older games, either with or without some work needed, then it's fairly understandable that PC gamers would just be used to the idea of playing their older games on their current system. These are just my opinions anyway, the progress of consoles to me is unappealing, I just don't see them as progressive systems anymore. I feel like consoles are becoming more and more like PCs in all the wrong ways, picking up all the things we PC gamers hate about PC gaming, like used games, we all hate that we don't have that option right? That looks to be the future of console gaming right now though, I know the details are still very foggy but all the same, I'm a PC gamer at heart and I love PC gaming but I've already experienced enough of PC gaming's problems, I have no interest in consoles that want to adopt those problems. I'd rather spend that money to support groups and developers that try to stop DRM and other bad PC gaming policies. I don't know though, this all may be childish ideals but it's what I think, I like to think these things will change and everyone, gamers and game makers, can find a happy solution.
  13. I like a good adventure game myself but have to agree on the price, it's hard for me to put down what they're asking.
  14. Looks pretty good to me! I remember playing Neverhood when I was young and loved it.
  15. Got in on this one early, I imagine that average might go up pretty fast. I would have to say this is one of the best bundles I've seen so far, I love Telltale Games, been wanting The Walking Dead for a while but putting it off for the right price and this wasn't definitely the right price.
  16. I think Phil should be exempt from this since he has a lot of experience with things to do with a cow.
  17. Kind of have to agree with Onion, I just don't see any easy way to answer a lot of those questions, they all require circumstances. Besides that, a lot of the test feels like wishful thinking as well, I don't think I can answer half of those questions accurately without another person's opinion. For example: "Your actions are frequently influenced by emotion," I would feel like I would want to say no to that but then the fact that I feel that way about it would indicate that my answer/action is being influenced by emotion. I think the only way I could properly answer that question is with a friend's opinion.
  18. I have a Steam key for Plain Sight, whoever wants it can message me on Steam or PM me on here. Edit: taken.
  19. I can relate, used to have family members like that. Like Eurofight said though, they're seriously screwed up so we got rid of them. Then we sold their computers. I don't deal with family or friends that think it's all a one way street to their happiness, if they're good to me, I return the favor.
  20. Deathmineral

    Don't Starve

    Looks like a good game but I haven't bothered with it yet. So many other games still need to get through and just not in a gaming mood lately anyway.
  21. If I end up getting more time off from work soon I'll see if I can't whip up a thing or two, it'll probably be simpler or cheaper stuff, ain't got the money for a 2600K, them rich man's CPUs.
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