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  1. I have friends who have been in some of these places you describe. Some as civilians and some as soldiers, the soldiers for the most part don't want to go back, the civilians do. Both tell of the people being nice, but as you say the soldiers regard it as a hellhole, the civilians as a tragic beautiful place. They are both right, i think any place you send a soldier, and put him under stress, shoot at him, keep him constantly on his toes, constantly running scared, that will to him be a hellhole. a civilian however, though they do see the violence, can see the beauty and interact with the people without having to worry about watching their back and wondering who will take a shot at them from where. I'm mean, take your closest big city, or the city you live in; sure it may not be the prettiest place on earth but it has lots of things to like i'm sure. Cool place, people and things. Now imagine being a foreigner coming to that city as a soldier in time of war; every window, every alley, every doorway could hide an insurgent or sniper, every person could be an enemy. That would be a hellhole for sure. Perhaps it depends on the person, I really only know a couple of people that fought over there, Iraq specifically, and only have about three friends that have gone there for vacation. None of them really enjoyed it. You're completely right though, doesn't matter where a soldier is sent, they'll probably hate the place. I know a couple that had to help during Katrina and they said it was one of the worst experiences of their lives. I've been to New Orleans and parts of Texas that suffered from it though, couple years later however, and while there was still a lot of ugliness, there was some nice things to see as well though. One of my friends that visited Iraq for vacation though, he went to visit several of the countries in that area, Isreal being one of them, he told me that was his favorite. So maybe he wasn't impressed with Iraq because of that. I'm not sure what to think though. That was pretty much why I posed the question. I've never been there but from what I've heard from friends, nobody really wants to save it, but I guess nobody would at this point, I'd be interested in finding some opinions from people that visited there before the war, maybe it was a better place back then.
  2. That's kind of an interesting word that we commonly use to describe these places. I mean are there any americans or american soldiers more specifically that describe that part of the world with any nice words? Is it really worth it for us to try and save places that we can't even find kind adjectives for?
  3. Anyone else feel like this thread would be more interesting if we were actually posting information about the situation? Personally I don't know anything about the whole thing and because of that, my default opinion is "no, don't get involved." I've tried doing some research about it though and from some of the stuff I've read, Syria has been seen as a supporter to terrorism by the US in the past. Syria has taken in refugees from Iraq, being both regular civilians but also Al-Qaeda supposedly. Really though, I just don't know if any of that's true even, I just can't help but wonder if there's any point in discussing this topic or making a poll without some kind of trade of information going on with it.
  4. I don't know, I haven't read up on the story at all. Most people I know say we shouldn't get involved and that sounds like a good option to me. I don't see any reason to get involved in something if we don't have to.
  5. Do you still feel a sense of accomplishment when hacking it? Does anyone really feel a sense of accomplishment when playing cookies? All you do is click.
  6. Well... I don't know about you guys but I'm starting to get bored with it, especially with this whole "appease the cookie gods!" thing, now it's more like something you have to baby sit.
  7. 375billion CPS? Are you sure you read that right? I only produce 325million CPS and I have 100 of everything. I'd think you'd need about a million time machines or something to get to the billions.
  8. Woot! Awesome, I kind of just really enjoyed it for the challenge of trying to find the article.
  9. I kind of agree, Scooby is a bit of an oddball, I prefer the second video. I just posted his because some of my friends follow his form and they've never had trouble with it. Being chased away from bodybuilding.com doesn't sound like a bad thing to me, 90% of the advice I've ever seen on there was bad all around anyway, not really a bunch of geniuses.
  10. An interesting point and logical enough but it's a question as to which was reviewed second, he could have easily reviewed the RAM before reviewing the board since they were both reviewed on the same day. If the board were reviewed a day or more earlier than the RAM, you would be 100% right. If you want to know the sure fire way to discover which one was first and which was second though. Go into each review, right click the first images of each, view image info, General tab. You can see the exact times they were created at the "Modified" line. The motherboard image shows about 8 minutes after the RAM image. Edit: Added smiley in case taken seriously.
  11. Well there's really no need to go that high, most professionals suggest you only need to go eye level with the bar, to the point where your elbows make a 90 degree angle. Personally I go above the chin except for my exhaustion pull up. You're right though, she is in a sense cheating, tilting her head up for the sake of the chin above the bar rule. However her arms are still meeting the full range of motion I think. I'm not really sure on that to be honest though, hers look like narrow grip and I'm not really familiar with that, I do wide grip and always make sure mine meet the 90 degree angle. As far as how the head should be facing though, it's usually safer to be looking forward or slightly down and this supposedly helps work and stretch the muscles being worked in a pull up anyway. A couple examples of what I do for proper form. That's how I do mine except I also do a leg lift in mine to work the core.
  12. Can you give an example of what you consider to be proper form? Her form looks fine to me really, she's not swinging or anything. Maybe the last couple are kind of poor but most of those look fine to me. The only thing I would say is maybe that they look like narrow grip pull ups to me, but I'm not sure, the camera angle isn't the best. In my opinion, narrow grip is easier than wide grip, still proper form though. I mean I pretty much do my pull ups like hers, but I don't drop all the way down like she does since there's not much to be gained from that, but all the same, my form is like hers and I see amazing results from it and I have no injuries. The only difference is that I do lift my legs when I do mine, which provides a little upward motion to make them slightly easier but I mostly include that to work my core better.
  13. ...and then all the review pages got 5000 hits overnight. I'd play but I really don't need any RAM, already have more than I know what to do with.
  14. Have you guys ever done pull ups to exhaustion point? You can't maintain perfect form at exhaustion. If you can, you're not at exhaustion point. Also, like frags said, the additional weight during the 33 is a very important factor. She has a considerable amount of weight on her considering her size. I've done pull ups with only shorts on and I've done them in my full clothing, being t-shirt, jeans, boots, and whatever may be in my pockets which is another couple pounds. I can definitely notice the difference between these two situations and it does affect how many I can do. I don't know the difference of weight from having all that on but I do know that it affects how many I can do.
  15. I'm up to 150 cursors now. Trying to 100 everything else first though.
  16. Ugh, what the hell kind of garbage is this?! It was bad enough when they ventured into e-books, now they're venturing into videos too? Why couldn't they just stick to games? I take it you don't like comedy? I'm rather happy to see this bundle, it helps encourage comedians to go this route, by which I mean DRM free/inexpensive releases. I know that Louis CK was already doing it but it's cool to see them all team up and do a humble bundle.
  17. I had to enable cookies before I could play cookies.
  18. I'm thinking they probably won't add Dead Space 2, they probably left it out to sort of "force" people to buy it. All the same, I hope I'm wrong about it because I do want them to add it to the bundle.
  19. That was my first thought when I started watching the video. I have friends that had that problem but it was something they never learned about until later in life. It's really one of those things they need to teach in PE in schools. Anyway, very impressive video, like someone else said, I'm almost tired just from watching it. I've been working on pullups for a while now and I can only do 7, that's on a good. but I'm a little heavy at 5'8" 185lb. Kind of motivational too though, more so than watching some of the other "motivational" videos out there that show off guys that look like the hulk.
  20. I know it's not trying to be indie, I just find it funny how a big publisher like EA is doing a humble bundle. What's next... Activision gives away their entire Call of Duty collection in a humble bundle? I guess some part of it I find amusing is that all my friends who would enjoy this Origin Bundle ten times more than I will, they can't enjoy it at all because they all play on console.
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