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  1. Hey, was wondering what some of you would suggest for an overclock on my 4850, the auto tune brought to 690/1078 which doesn't seem to be stable. Any suggestions?
  2. ya, I'm still kind of new to this place, already loving it though, I was actually introduced to it by a friend, I've already learned some pretty awesome stuff and hope to learn more and make some friends.
  3. You're avatar wouldn't apply to that in any way would it?
  4. I just got this game a couple days ago, warhead is great but wars not so much, its decent enough if you really liked the combat in crysis but otherwise it's pretty crappy online play, not to much too choose from as far as modes to play, three different ones, control base, team kill, free for all, which is great if you like the combat aspect a lot, otherwise don't get it. There are plenty of maps though, you can use custom maps as well so that's pretty nice.
  5. Deathmineral


    I'm sure some of you will think I'm crazy or whatever but oh well, to be honest I didn't like the game much. For the most part, I disliked it because it didn't feel like fear, I expected a sequel to the first one that I loved but instead it felt like I was playing a completely different game. Overall I would give it 7/10, to me the game was just really weak in the scare factor, I liked to way it scared in the first one, to where you were isolated completely, also the lack of enemies in fear 2... that just really bugged me, felt more like I was going on an adventure than shooting up enemies, I did love the addition of the robots though, that part was a lot of fun. I would recommend it but not praise it.
  6. Picking 5 is hard for me, not a big rts fan. Stronghold Crusader Warcraft 2 Rome: total war Company of heroes Black & White
  7. Whether to make an upgrade in graphics all depends on just how important that aspect of the game is to you, I upgraded mine recently because I was getting poor framerate on all low settings with my 8200 integrated, I bought a 4850 and it was well worth it, I play crysis maxed at 1680 no aa and get around 30fps, so for me it was well worth it, but like I said, depends on what you are wanting, I wanted the upgrade for smoother gameplay, the graphics were just a bonus.
  8. Wolfenstein 3D Catacombs FEAR Bioshock Crysis
  9. In my experience with helping family with computers, I fixed my cousin's computer once, filled with all kinds of junk from limewire, and as soon as she got back on it she re-installed limewire... that was the first and last time I fixed her computer.
  10. Well there's really no story behind my name, I just thought it was original, I like to be original. As for when I might have made it... no idea to be honest, years ago though, have used it for over 5 years now for sure, I used it first with yahoo messenger and now I use it for everything.
  11. hey, I'm new here and found some pretty useful stuff in this thread but noticed it was missing one of my favorite applications and thought I would give back a little bit. This program is taskbar shuffle, allows you to arrange tasks and tray icons... and probably more but those are the features I use, hope it helps someone. http://www.freewebs.com/nerdcave/taskbarshuffle.htm
  12. I love winamp but I never used the new version, I use 5.35 because all of my favorite skins for it don't work with anything higher, plus I find it to be more lightweight.
  13. I have the 1.5tb seagate drive and it's worth every penny. Very fast drive with more room than I know what to do with.
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