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  1. Ok, so here's the low down. A few months ago I built a new computer for gaming and such, and now I have decided to upgrade my sound. I was thinking of ordering the Logiteh z-5500s or the g51s (depends on the budget when the time comes), and was going to buy the Creative Fatality Titanium Professional sound card. Now my main question is, when I was reading reviews on the z-5500s,they were talking about using fiber optic cables. I am new to the whole audio side of it, so I'm not sure what the difference is between the normal like green headphone jacks and the fiber optic cables? I'm assuming that the standard green one is like an audio output and the fiber optics are digital, but how exactly does it all work? What kind of cables do I need to buy? Whats the difference? and Where do they plug? Thanks for your time
  2. Turophiliac: the thermaltake is a cast not a heatsink, But thinking about it, a 1200 is almost the same as the antec 900. Would it fit better in the 1200? anyone had experience? I know that the width deminsions are about the same, but maybe since the fan is in a tiny different place, then the side fan might not touch it. anyone know?
  3. dang ok, so i might not be able to fit the true and the side fan... wonder if I should just go with a thermaltake v9 (bigger top fan and can put a bigger front fan), only prob is I'm going with a gigabyte x58 ud4p which is blue, so that might look kinda jank with the red v9...
  4. Been working on building a new rif for a while, and after reading a post it dawned on me "will the true fit in an antec 900?". I want to be able to put 2 fans on the true for push-pull, and I want to put the side panel fan. Anyone know if it will clear?
  5. mmogamr

    my I7

    ok was planning on getting 1 260 atm anyway, gonna wait a few weeks to order the second to decide if i'll need it
  6. mmogamr

    my I7

    thanks for the responses guys, yea I should be playing at around 1680 resolution. I will go with the 2x 260 - 216. rokk- yea that's exactly what i was afraid of. The evga wouldnt be able to fit the true w/ 2 fans. fogel- yea I am tempted lol, I'll probably end up waiting on the second ssd though, already throwin alot of money around at one time
  7. I am looking into getting a lcd monitor for the new computer I'm building. I was looking for something between like 22-24 inches or so, no less than a 1680 resolution. I was reading somewhere that you could use a normal lcd monitor as a tv. Basically I want a pretty good screen for as a monitor, I want to be able to put my xbox 360 on it and play it in HD, and I just wanna be able to watch tv on it, it doesn't have to be good quality tv or anything though. The question is, should I go with an LCD monitor or an LCD tv? Also, my budget is around 250-350, I know thats kind of low, but yea... any help would be appreciated, thanks By the way.... that was an accident posting the thread name as such, I must have accidently pasted it there, I'd change it, but It doesnt seem that you can edit the topic name
  8. mmogamr

    my I7

    I really hadn't thought that much into it. Never really had a really nice gaming pc or a nice lcd screen, so I'm not sure what I'd play at. And for a monitor, I was probably going to get a 24 or 26 inch lcd tv and use it as my monitor/tv
  9. mmogamr

    my I7

    I have been working on an I7 build, I'm planning on ordering the parts some time next week, so let me know what yall think please. processor- core i7 920 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115202 mobo- gigabyte x58 ud4p http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813128374 gpu- gigabyte gtx 285 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...yte%20gtx%20285 case- antec 900 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811129021 ssd- g.skill SSd 64gb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231220 storage hdd- 1tb caviar black http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136284 corsair 850w psu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139009 ocz 6gb (3x2gb) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227375 cpu cooler- thermal right ultra extreme http://www.jab-tech.com/Thermalright-Ultra...BP-pr-4388.html with 2 scythe ultra kaze http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835185054 dvd burners - 2x lg 22x dvd rw w/ lightscribe http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827136153 the main points I am debating on is the gpu and the mobo. I can't decide between that gtx 285 or 2x gtx 260s For mobo, debating the gigabyte ud4p and the evga x58 let me know what you guys think, and If you see something that I should change. thanks
  10. I was browsing around ebay and stuff and found some decently priced SSDs, so I thought I'd look more into them, and I can't figure out how to use them in a normal personal computer. I saw that this particular one plugged into a scsi 80pin port, so i looked for an scsi controller, and all that I could find were 68 pin, so I found a sca adapter to make the 80 pin ssd connect to the controller, but then I realized the scsi controller plugs into a pci-x slot, which I'm guessing wouldn't work the same a pci slot. Is there some easier way that I am missing or what to run a ssd?
  11. I was browsing the internet and found a Hitachi ultrastar 15krpm 73.4gb for cheap. I was curious though, most SSDs I see connect via SCSI. I found adapters that plug into pci that are for scsi, but how do you connect an internal SCSI?
  12. Thanks. That's what I was assuming, just wasn't sure if maybe I was missing something.
  13. thanks for the replies guys. I'm probably just going to go with the corsair one. thanks again for the replies
  14. I am new to the whole 2 HDDs idea. I was curious for a gaming pc. I see alot of people using like a WD raptor for gaming and like a caviar black for storage (for example). I was curious, do most of the people raid them or do they just for example put windows and install applications onto the raptor and use it as basically the main HDD, and whenever they save music or movies or whatever, just save it to the large HDD, or how do they typically do it? thanks in advance
  15. gonna be running a gigabyte x58 with core i7 920, 2 evga gtx 285s... I wanna have some room for upgrade. Think 850 might be overkill?
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