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  1. Might as well throw my name in the ring. Been looking at a new keyboard lately, my aging G11 is starting to have issues... Albuquerque, NM
  2. Just got me a Samsung 840 Pro 128GB for my PC (first SSD!), now I just hope I made the right choice XD
  3. Both of my parents have their own iPhone 3GS (which they got maybe a month after they first came out) and my father broke his screen a month back (from now) for the first time. 2+ years without having the screen break is pretty good, although I'm going just as long on my Galaxy S Captivate (GO SAMSUNG.
  4. Glad to see that this game is FINALLY moving into a Beta stage as opposed to Alpha. Been following this game roughly since it was released, and I can't wait to see the final product and how well it works! Steam name: RogerDeath (duh)
  5. As bad as Qwest (now Centurylink) has been for me, I feel privileged to have never been put under any kind of speed throttling (intentionally at least) or bandwidth limits. Sucks that you have had such bad service with them Crawlerz. Had a somewhat similar thing happen to us with Dish Network, where it seemed that they wanted new customers more then they really wanted to keep the old ones. Once we switched to DirecTV though, we have: all HD receivers, a Whole-Home DVR system, and no issues when the weather gets bad; all of that for a lower price.
  6. RogerDeath

    DOTA 2

    I'm a fan of Enigma right now. You get the right combo off and all of a sudden there goes a TON of your enemies' health at once. His triple stun (Q) and his lock-down Ult are stupid when you combine them with his E ability (the AoE % one).
  7. Now if only the prices for the 78x0 series would drop as well. With the 7950 so close to the 7870 there isn't much reason to get the later over the former right now.
  8. Rest of my family has iPhones, and our business just got two iPads. Personally though, I only touch the damn things when I have to!
  9. While I don't need a new PSU, but the one that I have only has a single PCI-E power adapter of any sort. The thing with the GTX 680 is the supply. That is why I mentioned the other two choices, since we have no clue at all as to when nVidia is going to have more chips back from TSMC due to their full stop.
  10. Hey guys, need a little help deciding on which option that I should take when it comes to improving my graphical quality. All options will likely require a PSU uprgrade that I have been planning, so I'm not too worried about that. 1. Grab another 5770 and crossfire them 2. Upgrade to a 7850/7870 3. Upgrade to a GTX 680 (once back in stock). I currently play my games at 1080p, and consistantly record my games causing extra stress on my video cards, which is the main reason that I am looking at these few options. If you have any other suggestions though, I would really like to hear them, since I often tend to be closed-minded to these things...
  11. RogerDeath

    Diablo 3

    I pretty much max it on 1080p off of my 5770. Only reason that I say pretty much is that there are a bunch of bugs in the current build of the engine that are supposedly fixed in the one that they are going to ship for the final product.
  12. Since he never specified a country, the automatic assumption is that he is somewhere in NA. Thus, Newegg.
  13. In the current build for the Diablo 3 beta (one that has been stated to be an old version without a lot of bug-fixes) even a 5770 manages to max the game out and be playable (between 25 and 40 FPS depending on whats going on and the area) at 1080p so I would say that (and the 6770/7750) is probably the lowest you should go, and all of these can be found on Newegg currently for <$120. However, if you are going to be using this for more graphically intense games then the budget needs to come up in order to have a GPU worth keeping for a few years.
  14. Since everybody else is talking about versions of the product where you HAVE to pay, currently Xsplit is in Open Beta (not sure how much longer that will last, has been for a long time now) and is free. You do lose out on a few features (you have to use Speex audio codec if you don't pay and the "game source" option won't work) but if you just need to record your desktop it should be fine.
  15. Probably how much this game tries to emulate D2 without out-right saying its D2. That being said, I MUCH prefer Diablo 2 to this game. The UI feels fairly old (I have to go through two or three screens to check out my quests), the skills are fairly lacking, and it feels like the barter system rips you off much more then Diablo 2's currency did.
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