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    Intel core2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz. 8Gb of ddr2 ram, nvidia 9600gt 512MB ddr3
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    yeah, its supposed to be 8gb. lol thanx for the info. guess i need to start buying parts
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    just joined, and thought i should intruduce myself. ive been an auto mechanic for the last 7yrs and decided that i wanted to start playing with computers. i bought an hp from best buys, added a nvidia 9600gt, and a couple weeks later the mobo fried. took it back to best buy, and they hooked me up with this gateway that i have now. its a lx6810, and it has the intel core 2 quad q8200. with 88gb of ram. there are some game that i would love to play, but at 2.33ghz, i just dnt feel they perform well. i havew my 9600gt installed. i have cpu-z, and it says that my mainboard is a gateway FMCP7AM, nVidia nforce 730i chipset, and the bios is AMI version R01-A0. i have not been able to change any values in my bios. can any1 help?
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