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  1. Thanks guys the only thing I dident look at lol
  2. I am runnig vista 64 bit and I would like to find a screen shot program that will get a shot of the hole desktop.
  3. I am now running PC Mark Vantage to see if there is any improvemet over the 2 way set up. I am interested To see what other people have scored with benchmarks on there PCs. SO lets see em
  4. Im runing 3D vantage with 2 waySLI 1 0ne cards set to Physx. So far it lookslike the 3 way is way ahead! Yes it just completed And the score is 15,918. Can anyone recomend a benchmark that will test the true capabilitys of my system?
  5. Ya I would like 2 get 2 295s but that is just a pipe dream. I started off with 2 9800GTX+s before Nvidia lunched the 200 series cards and now the 250 is a better card for less$. I can only try to keep up in the ever changing world of computers.
  6. Do you mean run 2 of the cards in SLI and dedicate 1 card to physz?
  7. Check out this link. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227370 I think you will be allright but dont take my word for it. I would do allot of reserch to be 100% positive if I where you.
  8. Check out my thred in Overclocking and cooling. I have my 940 AM2+ OCed at 3.9 Ghz with the voltage at 1.475 on air but it is possible to get 4 gigs out of them.
  9. I started off with 2 9800 GTX+ cards in SLI OCed @ 791 Mhz GPU Video mem @ 1,178 Mhz and shacer clock @ 1913. My 3D mark Vantage score was around 15,000. When I added the 3rd card I was able to OC to the specs that are shown in GPUz attachment and my score went to 20,219 I am running my AMD 940 X4 II @ 3.9 Ghz and 1.475 volts I was only expecting around a 2,000 point increase but I got over a 5,000 point increase. For those of you that think that SLI or CrossFire is not worth the time or money think again. There was such an increase that I was shocked by what I saw, not only was I able to OC my cards way further then I expected in 3 way SLI my Vantage score went up 3,000 points more then I hoped for. I hope this helps any one that is thinking of going SLI or CrossFire. All of this on air cooling
  10. Hey Bosco I have been folding for about 2 weeks can I have my icon Please?
  11. Sorry about the bad info I dont know what happend By the way congrats. sometimes its a bear to get SLI working rite
  12. I was pritty shore that it wasent fried to after I thought about it I just spent 230$ on a new processor and I jumped the gun and thought of the worst. Anyways I tried sabayon with no luck so now I will try a fresh install of windows on a fresh HDD
  13. I dont normally But I have been picking up parts when I have the money. This system has been nightmare. I am running vista 64 bit Could this be the problem? I am going to try to load Sabayon Linux and see what happens.
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