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    ASUS P5Q SE Plus | Q6600 @ 3.4 | 4x1gb OCZ @1066 5-5-5-18 | OCZ 600 Watt PSU | XFX 9800GT 750/1062 | Zalman CNPS9700 | WD2500AAKS
  1. My grandad recently asked me to build him a new PC, he has not set a budget but it needs to be fairly cheap, between the
  2. Yeah i did, sorry im half asleep, the 5770
  3. I would go with the phenom II x2 550 aswell. It has a huge cache and can reach huge clock speeds, and i still believe 2 highly clocked cores is better for gaming that 4 standard cores in most games i would go with the MSI 770-C45 motherboard and 4gb of good RAM. The ATI 4770 should be plenty of power on a 22" and enough for a 24" i think. Hope this helped
  4. in tests/reviews the i5 is proven to be faster at lower clock speeds. the turbo boost means less power consumption/heat when idle and more perfomance when needed
  5. if overclocking is out of the question, i would go for the i5 system, turboboost will play a good part in boosting fps, especially if you go for crossfirex in the future
  6. If your using your PC for gaming then dont buy a new mobo, CPU or RAM and get a new GPU like a 5850/5870, then when you get the money upgrade CPU/mobo and RAM
  7. I think its the VGA-DVI adapter thats doing it, i plugged it into my mums laptop and it worked fine, so i don't know what to do now. and there is nouthing in the power options about a second moniter
  8. I have a 22" LG moniter and a 17" philips hooked up to a GTX260. the 17" was my mums old moniter but she got a laptop so gave it to me. I hooked it up through a DVI-VGA adapter and plugged it in, and extended my desktop to it. About 5 minutes into windows loading it enters sleep mode and i can't get it out of sleep mode. I want to use it for MSN, facebook and temp monitering while im gaming on my 22" screen. I have googled it and no one else has the same problem. Im using the most recent nvidia drivers and windows vista ultimate x64. I just cant seem to solve it. I would be very grateful for any help Luke
  9. No motherboard is flawless. Reviews do help people make informed choices but there will always be one bad review for every motherboard. Just go for one that has had more good than bad reviews. That what i do and my builds have all gone fine
  10. yeah that looks like good memory, it dosn't necessarily mean they won't work if they arn't on the QVL but if you want to play it safe then they look good, just a little bit more money
  11. I don't really know that it isn't a D0, but i would presume that newegg would advertise the fact that it is a D0 because of the better overcloking and slightly higher price. Even at stock the D0 stepping revision would run at lower voltage which = less tempreture, even if only by a little. If you are on a tight budget then maybe you could look into buying a 5850 and an aftermarket cooler, then overclock it to the same speed as a 5870, that could save you a fair bit of money and im sure you wont miss the extra 160 shaders
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