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  1. yes i have the manual there is no website in it but there is the company's name and phone to contact only these info i search this copmany, is a greek one here is the site http://www.alphagrissin.gr/index.php?lang=en but i think is fail ... i found something here http://www.alphagrissin.gr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=110&Itemid=146
  2. Ok I get I shouldn't gaming with ups Please explain this sence with other worlds I can't fully understand it cause of my bad english :/ "Tripping the breaker constantly "
  3. You guys really confuse me , Is this ups capable to handle my pc at 900-1000watt load or not? Should I connected again with my pc? Or it will burn this psu also? Including this "peak load" which I don't understand
  4. i can't find what error is 0 . only here https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:nKD7AQiwX2QJ:www.alphagrissin.bg/Uploads/Line-interactive_800-2000VA_eyeOn-series%2BDownloadResourceHandler.ashx?resourceID%3D151+UPS+ACCUPOWER+EYEON+2000VA&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjXuDkjJXR1H7FbBQefgYI2XKAMTDbXUzU45sgkSXPb5gRBxC9UCl4zd7A8MGnnzT4UPhPjgn7a10LYGo1QbF_X0IkkkatDgaGcUCjFOgkb-Sd74C4CaGp3ZhLiwAmr6SFjhSFR&sig=AHIEtbRX7ELqlCkOcIsnZyvpq_HYSAu32g&pli=1 says that Continuous sounding means fault. i can't even find an official website for this product . like it don't exist . my service said that they fixed it , but whats the point, according to you i can't use it .
  5. ok , his psu is Antec TPQ 1200 Quattro but still i can't understand how it peaks 1415watts while it never go above 1010watts? my ups lcd screen says only the volt that pass through and battery level and load . i never had a fault exept from this time which my power goes off and ups get an 0 error ( this was shown on the screen of the ups ) i will take a kill-o-watt . and i will tell you what i am drawing .
  6. Ok , i need to find one . And here is difficult to find one. I have a friend , he told me , that he will make one . Take a look at this video If you see the whole video the max watt is 900-1000 Why his system does not peak 1600-1800 ( like you explaned me before ? )
  7. Cause i don't fully understand , You mean that i need a ups 1500w+ What in your opinion Ups i need to be safe and to be able to handle even in full load of my psu? This will do the job? http://computers.xpatit.gr/9-ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΚΑ/242-UPS-INFORM-C-3000.html Or this? http://www.nvtech.gr/online-store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=tpflypage.tpl&product_id=1129&category_id=27&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart
  8. Guys i was thinking , Why to buy a ups 1200w for example if it can't power a 1200w psu load . I don't say that Mr medbor is wrong, but i just wondering Whats the reason of buying a ups if it is worthless ? Would't it be stupid?
  9. Good morning , I check my fuse . Is 10A :/ Lets see what i can do for it .
  10. guys you have been comfuse me before Mr Waco told me that my ups should keep it on for 5-6 min now Mr Medbor told that big explanation , ( i understand the most of them ) so now , i am really confused . if i am right the fuse is 16A i will check it tomorrow . so i remove the ups and use my pc . i will talk tomorrow also with my electrician , and i will update you with more details . I forget , that thing switching on and off my psu and powers cutt. How we explain that. The computer is off , so i don't think so that it drains watts that time? Or i am wrong? thank you all for the help , here in greece the time is 2:16 pm so is night . So good night ( from Here)
  11. 10 years ago are the cables . but i think some device in one of this three rooms is grounding ( thats the way we say it ?) to put a circuit only for my room i will ask him to put a circuit only for my room
  12. i will try to improve my power . i will talk with my electrician to see my options.
  13. and how will i achieve that? i can't controll how much power my pc drains.
  14. ok, the sound of my ups when fault was continuous . without stopping and in screen there was one number ,,, 0 what is wrong with the ground? my pc is connected to one wall seperatly and all the other screens, etc on one wall all together . but the point is that both walls are connected to the same circuit . so is something like you have connected all with the same wall and this circuit must power all three rooms . i think something has to do with my power at home both ups , both psu burned exactly the same way. ????? yes is in warranty , and they ordered the same. but i will pay labor 45 euros . i told them to order the corsair AX1200 but they told me that they must replace it with the same product if it still exists. fail i think i must do something soon , or i will change all the time psu and ups . and these 2 times i get lucky burned only those . imagine gpu , cpu . mobo
  15. i just contact with service and they told me that the psu had the problem , and tommorow i will get my pc back
  16. this is my ups . this site is in greek , i hope you understand the values http://www.media-ram.gr/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=127581
  17. So , you think that was an overload . yes thats what i mean with 1 in 5 times . our power in here is 220-230v i dont know about amps about the dead short , may you are right. with my previous psu i had the same things and it ends up burnning it . but i dont know cause a lot of time this specif circuit falls even when the pc is closed but connected , "switch on" when we use a hairdryer., or an iron . and this circuit is connected with 3 rooms . if i fix my pc get new psu , what can i do tou protect it from burnning up? is there something to keep it safe also my ups when the power cuts , it get an error biping all all the time . even it couldent keep my pc on i know when gaming it can go up to 900-1000w but i was in assasins creed menu when it happened my ups is 1200w and this is the second ups which burned , again. shouldnt my ups keeped ny pc on? also in case of full load , "worst senario"??? , also when i play heavy games ups says that it 3/4 load of his power . so is it right? thank god that i had water cool . last time this happend my game runed extremly slow , and fans stopped workinng and i saw from evga presicion gpu temps 97c and i hit reset :/ almost to burn them
  18. "the breaker trip " i dont fully understand this sense. my pc connects to ups and the ( how we say that?) on the "wall" all the other screens printers drivers hdd etc are connected to my second ups and then on the wall but both "wall" power are connected in the same circuit .sometimes when power goes off , in the panel on the wall , i dont know how to spell that it falls only the button which the circuit is connected to my room also to mention that if my pc is closed and i connect to my psu the cable and switche the button to I from 0 , 1/5 it will fall my rooms power ( i mean 1 time after 5 times i switch the psu button to I ) sorry for my bad english i hope you get the idea .
  19. i cant believe thatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :@ :@ :@ i was playing css and my pc make a noise and turns off also my power at all the house goes off i turn it up on all games i cant play it is lagging and it has 15-20 fps i dont know what it may burn , i think power supply. i swear i will smash it . :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
  20. ok before i install water cool , i try every card on every slot and work just fine i tested cause also then i have problem with one gainward and the palit in sli the same results
  21. I wil see , i am talking with nvdia support right now . the try to get as much information as they can to find a solution and update the drivers , we will see but i dont think wthat there will be an update in drivers cause i have a problem
  22. yes exactly i cant change after it goes 800x600 the resolution i have try a second bridge and also manualy connect it with three sli cables . no luck
  23. It shows all three monitors but when i press span it resolution goes 800x600 And nvidia control panel crash after a while.
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