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  1. yes i have the manual there is no website in it but there is the company's name and phone to contact only these info i search this copmany, is a greek one here is the site http://www.alphagrissin.gr/index.php?lang=en but i think is fail ... i found something here http://www.alphagrissin.gr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=110&Itemid=146
  2. Ok I get I shouldn't gaming with ups Please explain this sence with other worlds I can't fully understand it cause of my bad english :/ "Tripping the breaker constantly "
  3. You guys really confuse me , Is this ups capable to handle my pc at 900-1000watt load or not? Should I connected again with my pc? Or it will burn this psu also? Including this "peak load" which I don't understand
  4. i can't find what error is 0 . only here https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:nKD7AQiwX2QJ:www.alphagrissin.bg/Uploads/Line-interactive_800-2000VA_eyeOn-series%2BDownloadResourceHandler.ashx?resourceID%3D151+UPS+ACCUPOWER+EYEON+2000VA&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjXuDkjJXR1H7FbBQefgYI2XKAMTDbXUzU45sgkSXPb5gRBxC9UCl4zd7A8MGnnzT4UPhPjgn7a10LYGo1QbF_X0IkkkatDgaGcUCjFOgkb-Sd74C4CaGp3ZhLiwAmr6SFjhSFR&sig=AHIEtbRX7ELqlCkOcIsnZyvpq_HYSAu32g&pli=1 says that Continuous sounding means fault. i can't even find an official website for this product . like it don't exist . my service said that they fixed it , but whats the point, according to you i can't use it .
  5. ok , his psu is Antec TPQ 1200 Quattro but still i can't understand how it peaks 1415watts while it never go above 1010watts? my ups lcd screen says only the volt that pass through and battery level and load . i never had a fault exept from this time which my power goes off and ups get an 0 error ( this was shown on the screen of the ups ) i will take a kill-o-watt . and i will tell you what i am drawing .
  6. Ok , i need to find one . And here is difficult to find one. I have a friend , he told me , that he will make one . Take a look at this video If you see the whole video the max watt is 900-1000 Why his system does not peak 1600-1800 ( like you explaned me before ? )
  7. Cause i don't fully understand , You mean that i need a ups 1500w+ What in your opinion Ups i need to be safe and to be able to handle even in full load of my psu? This will do the job? http://computers.xpatit.gr/9-ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΚΑ/242-UPS-INFORM-C-3000.html Or this? http://www.nvtech.gr/online-store.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=tpflypage.tpl&product_id=1129&category_id=27&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart
  8. Guys i was thinking , Why to buy a ups 1200w for example if it can't power a 1200w psu load . I don't say that Mr medbor is wrong, but i just wondering Whats the reason of buying a ups if it is worthless ? Would't it be stupid?
  9. Good morning , I check my fuse . Is 10A :/ Lets see what i can do for it .
  10. guys you have been comfuse me before Mr Waco told me that my ups should keep it on for 5-6 min now Mr Medbor told that big explanation , ( i understand the most of them ) so now , i am really confused . if i am right the fuse is 16A i will check it tomorrow . so i remove the ups and use my pc . i will talk tomorrow also with my electrician , and i will update you with more details . I forget , that thing switching on and off my psu and powers cutt. How we explain that. The computer is off , so i don't think so that it drains watts that time? Or i am wrong? thank you all for the help , here in greece the time is 2:16 pm so is night . So good night ( from Here)
  11. 10 years ago are the cables . but i think some device in one of this three rooms is grounding ( thats the way we say it ?) to put a circuit only for my room i will ask him to put a circuit only for my room
  12. i will try to improve my power . i will talk with my electrician to see my options.
  13. and how will i achieve that? i can't controll how much power my pc drains.
  14. ok, the sound of my ups when fault was continuous . without stopping and in screen there was one number ,,, 0 what is wrong with the ground? my pc is connected to one wall seperatly and all the other screens, etc on one wall all together . but the point is that both walls are connected to the same circuit . so is something like you have connected all with the same wall and this circuit must power all three rooms . i think something has to do with my power at home both ups , both psu burned exactly the same way. ????? yes is in warranty , and they ordered the same. but i will pay labor 45 euros . i told them to order the corsair AX1200 but they told me that they must replace it with the same product if it still exists. fail i think i must do something soon , or i will change all the time psu and ups . and these 2 times i get lucky burned only those . imagine gpu , cpu . mobo
  15. i just contact with service and they told me that the psu had the problem , and tommorow i will get my pc back
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