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  1. I'm building my very first gaming/home theater PC and this is the case & motherboard I'm working with: CASE: Cooler Master HAF 932 MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E758-A1 (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 I have an Audigy 2 ZS (PCI soundcard) in my current PC that I was considering moving into my new PC. It is currently connected via analog & digital spdif connection to my Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround sound system. The problem is that if I choose to move it into my new PC, I don't know how to connect the front audio components. In the HAF 932, the front panel connection wiring has both an Azalia (Intel High Definition Audio) HD Audio connection which is 10 pins (5 pins + 5 pins - side by side) & there is an AC'97 connection which is also 10 pins (5 pins + 5 pins - side by side). My motherboard has integrated sound connections that line up exactly with the HAF 932 pin arrange for the HD Audio connection, but I'd much rather use an external soundcard because it will provide better audio quality. I do not want to buy the Creative front face plate just so that I can have some front audio connection, when my case already has those connections up front. I am wondering if there are any newer sound cards that I can buy where I can just plug either the HD Audio or AC'97 connection into directly? If not, will I have to do some type of soldering work regardless of which sound card I buy to get my HAF 932's front audio connections to work with it? I have tried reading these two guides: 1) http://www.driverheaven.net/audio-general-...assignment.html 2) http://audigy2zshowto.blogspot.com/ It just seem a bit complicated to me. Are those difficult procedures? Thanks for all the help, ~ Im2bz2p345
  2. Thank for you all the quick replies everyone. I have decided to simply connect the stock case fans directly to the PSU based on your responses. I have read the fan are fairly quiet even running at 100%, so that does not botter me. Once again, thanks for all the information/help. ~ Im2bz2p345
  3. Here are my system components that I'm using to build my first PC. CASE: Cooler Master HAF 932 CPU: i7 920 CPU D0 stepping CPU Cooler: Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283 PSU: Corsair HX620 MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E758-A1 (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 RAM: Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 GPU: MSI Radeon HD 4890 1GB Factory OCed HARDDRIVES: 2 X 640GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS I was wondering if I should connect the three 230mm & one 140mm stock fans from the HAF 932 to the motherboard (there are a total of 4 fan headers on my motherboard) or connect them to the PSU (all fans include a 3 pin to 4 pin molex adapter). Another option is to buy a seperate fan controller (that can accomodate at least 4 fans). Kinda stuck at this point in the build, because I'm not exactly sure what to do. Do I even need to control the fan speed of the four stock fans that are in HAF 932 case? I am not sure how well the EVGA mobo fan speed controls work either. Lastly, do I need to control any other fans? My graphics card has a built in fan and I don't really plan to overclock my card even more, but would it be possible to control the GPU's fan speed? If so, how? Sorry in advance for the noob questions! ~ Im2bz2p345
  4. Thanks for the response nhlkoho! I decided to basically use an OCZ Vertex 64GB SSD for my main OS drive and use 2 WD 640GB in RAID1 for my storage/backup. This will give me the option to be more flexible with my motherboard choices! Thanks for the feedback, ~ Busypee
  5. I need some serious help choosing an ATX i7 motherboard. Here are my requirements: 1. Onboard support for RAID 1+0 or often called RAID 10 (*NOT 0+1* - I will be using 4 X WD 640 GB Black drives): http://aput.net/~jheiss/raid10/ 2. Crossfire support (and SLI support if possible). At least two PCI-E 16x slots 3. Support for at least 1 PCI slot (Creative Audigy 2 ZS PCI card from my old machine will be used for surround sound) What I will be purchasing shortly: CASE: Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower ATX CPU: i7 920 CPU (D0 stepping) CPU COOLER: XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V PSU: Corsair 620HX RAM: Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 VIDEO: MSI Radeon HD 4890 1GB OC HARDDRIVES: 4 X WD 640GB Black MOTHERBOARD: ??? I need a motherboard that relatively easy to overclock, is stable, and has fast boot times. Please recommend a motherboad that would fit my requirements Thank you, ~ Busypee
  6. Thank you reddot, The Smith, thebridgerofdoom, and bilcliff! So basically it boils down to Antec 1200 vs Cool Master HAF 932 vs a Lian Li. Here is what I found by reading a ton of other forums: I'm leaning toward the HAF right now based on a general consensus and it seem more thought out in terms of ease of use/interior functionality, but I'll take a look them both at a Fry's/Microcenter to see which one I like. In terms of overall cooling, it seems they are about equal. Also, is there anything from Lian Li that would match these two (to hold it's own) in terms of features & air cooling for about $150? I am really in favor of getting a Lian Li because I have seen their cases in person and their quality is just amazing. The only concern I have is that most of the Lian Li's that I've seen for around $150 are Mid-Tower, so I'm not sure how they would hold a 4890 and provide decent air flow at the same time. Any help or thoughts? EDIT: I also saw people mentioning in the CM 690 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119137) in the "Cases" section of this forum. That also seems to be quite nice in terms of features, size (in between mid tower-full tower = perfect!), and price (bang for buck). It doesn't have the "window" but I can live with it. I'll see if I can find this at Frys/Microcenter and take a look at it as well. Regarding the CPU Cooler, I'm really confused at this point on what to get. I don't want something that I will have to "lap" and want something realitvely quite, yet can provide decent cooling (again, I'm trying to OC the 920 D0 to about 3.8 Ghz). I was recommended the Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283 on another forum, which has good number for running fairly quiet and cool. Best of all it's only about $40 (shipped): http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?...2333&page=5 That seems to be the best bang for the buck without dealing with "lapping" or getting into too extreme of cooling options. Your thoughts on the CPU Cooler? ~ Im2bz2p345
  7. Thanks for the response and your suggestions Angryfpsplayer! What do you think of the Antec 900 instead of the 902? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811129021 I can't think of too many major differences between them. Can they fit all the components that I have and leave room for proper airflow? I am considering the HAF 932, but I have been reading that it tends to build up too much dust? Is that the truth? Features and cooling wise, I know that it is top notch. I might look into it more. Appreciate all the input, ~ Im2bz2p345
  8. Hello all, I've been a long time reader and now a recent member of the wondeful forums here. I am building a Core i7 920 PC, mainly to upgrade my 4 year old PC and to get ready for the launch of Windows 7. Here is what I am looking to buy shortly: CPU: i7 920 CPU D0 stepping PSU: SILVERSTONE ST70F MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E758-A1 (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 RAM: Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 VIDEO: MSI Radeon HD 4890 1GB Factory OCed* OS HARDDRIVE: OCZ Vertez 30GB SSD Here is what I already have that I will be using: SOUNDCARD: Creative Audigy 2 ZS 7.1 Surround Sound BACKUP HARDDRIVES: 2 X WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb *The MSI 4890 graphics card is a little under 10 inches long. I would like to run the computer stable on air at 3.6-3.8Ghz? Is that do-able? I need a recommendation on a case and a cpu cooler. I haven't read about the most recent components out there, so please offer any suggestion you have on my PC components and/or which Case & CPU Cooler you recommend. I was thinking about using the Coolermaster V8 (seems to have good reviews), but I have no idea which case. I really would love to purchase a Lian Li due to their build quality, but I don't which one would be best that's about $150 (or less): http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....mp;Order=PRICED Looking for these things in a case: 1. Quiet & Overall Build Quality 2. Aesthetic Appeal (I like the fiberglass side area for viewing the "guts" of the PC) 3. Airflow (ability to cool) & Anti-dust protection 4. Will hold it's value (able to use it in the future for upgrades) 5. Simplicity in features 6. Cable Management Thanks for all the help! ~ Im2bz2p345
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