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    Q9550 @ 3.2 GHz w/ AC Freezer Pro
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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the subject of water cooling and have a few questions about what components need to be cooled on my XFX GTX260 video card. I have been a machinist for a little more than six years and own a small CNC mill (finishing conversion) and want to make my own water blocks. This is mainly due to the cost of buying, around $300 for full cover blocks for my two cards, vs. milling them out myself, plus it sounds like a fun project that will test my mill programming skills. My main goal in the conversion to water cooling is performance, with a reduction in noise. With that said, in the picture posted below, do the components circled in yellow need to have water flow to them, or will indirect cooling through an extension off of the main water block be adequate? These components had thermal pads over them in the factory setup. Obviously I plan to design and machine the block to cover the GPU and memory modules on the top and bottom of the board (65nm). Obviously the design and machining of the block would be much simpler without having to run water directly over them. Let me know your opinions.
  2. Cobra92fs

    Hello all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! For those that are interested in my build, I have updated my sig to include the majority of my system components. As far as achieving stability, a post at EVGA's forums was most helpful. So here is the story. After completing the build of this system (my first) I noticed that I was unable to set my memory to run at its rated 1066MHz; 800MHz was the best that I could achieve without blue screening. A little later I tried loosening the memory timings with no success, although the problems were less frequent with these looser timings. I had finally gotten to the point of considering that I had a bad memory module, although memtest found no errors. I decided to do some more digging and see if this issue was one that could be resolved through some methods that I had not considered. EVGA post I happened upon this post over at EVGA, and my solution was found, although I do not understand it completely, some insight from all of you would be welcome, as I am still new to the overclocking thing! The post was most helpful, as the poster is running a similar build to mine, and was having roughly the same problem. I changed my QDR speed to 1600MHz which, from my understanding of the post, gives me a 4:3 ratio, I don't understand what the ratio is, some help? Anyways after adjusting my QDR, I set my memory to 1066 and the factory timings, I adjusted the SPP voltage to 1.45, and the FSB to 1.3; this cured all of my ills. My system is now stable through IntelBurnTest, OCCT, and 12 hours of Prime95 blend testing with no issues. I have also noticed very little increase in CPU temperature, the aftermarket cooler has been worth its weight in gold, even before OC'ing. Well, that is the story, and is the current setup that I am running today. I would appreciate some insight into the ratio thing though, I would like to understand what is going on there and why certain ratios run more stable than others. Again, thank you everyone for the warm welcome.
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    Hello all

    Hello everyone, a bit about myself. I have been a fan of this site for quite some time. The hardware reviews found here are outstanding; they have influenced my purchases greatly. I have just completed my second custom built computer, the last being for my wife. With the exception of a HDD and a DiMM that need RMA'd, everything went very well. As far as overclocking, my knowledge is a bit limited, as I don't have a lot of experience. I am running a decent overclock on my computer due to stability issues at factory speeds. I was unable to get my computer stable without overclocking. I found the solution to this issue on EVGAs forums, which have been helpful in reconciling some of the issues with my MB. I would be happy to elaborate on my configuration if anyone is interested, and with that, it is a pleasure to be a member of the site, and I look forward to learning as much as possible about OC'ing, and helping others where I can
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