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  1. Don't go 4 way crossfire. The motherboards with 4 slots are way too expensive. You probably won't have enough power for 4 either. Scaling for quad-fire is also horrible.
  2. ATI owns nvidia in lower end cards but nvidia own ATI in high end cards.
  3. I like the updated graphics. Makes C2D look cooler
  4. lol i think you're hoping for too much
  5. I don't know, you might want to wait for Asus, Gigabyte etc to update their X58 motherboards. You don't want to have a first gen when everyone has a new 2nd gen. But I guess that always happens with computers
  6. Definitely get a higher wattage PSU. Don't get me wrong, that 550W one is quality but it would be running close to max.
  7. Good choice, by the way which motherboard did you get?
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...20X58%20Extreme ASRock X58 Extreme not bad reviews on anandtech.
  9. hahahaha! that's hilarious. can you take a picture of your BIOS?
  10. Damn that offer is sick. Too bad it's not in Australia
  11. What are your computing habits. PII 940 sometimes beats the i7 in gaming. So get that if you're going for gaming. If you don't do any hard core multithreaded stuff then go with X3. X3 is cheap and awesome.
  12. Sorry for linking to another forum but this guide: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=596023 is the best guide on the Internet about Phenom II's edit: I just realised they were the same guide, but this dolk guy belongs to ocforums.
  13. Probably the desktop. Laptop's Centrino 2 CPU are nothing compared to desktop's CPUs.
  14. That's odd... In this situation normally people would go straight for the vcore and up it. Since you've already tried that then maybe loosening the timings of the RAM? Adding to the voltage of the RAM? Maybe back off on the FSB and see if it's stable.
  15. He has room to upgrade the case. CM HAF, Antec 900, 902 or 1200 are good. CM RC690 also good. I think get i7. 1200 aussie dollars could get a decent i7 system. Core i7 920 $390 Asus P6T $335 6G Kit(3x2G) DDR3 1600 G.Skill-NQ $135 Antec TPQ 850W $289 Antec 902 $196 W.D. SATA 750GB $102 Pioneer Retail SATA Blu-Ray Combo $163 That adds up to 1610 dollars. Plenty of room for 2 GFX cards You could get 2 HD4890s (as suggested above) Maybe 2 GTX260s? 2 GTX275 for extra power or 1 GTX295 then in the future when you need more power just pop another one on. I reckon 2 4890s. That comes to 2166. Is that within your budget? If not, then you could downgrade the bluray or downgrade to 2 GTX260s. Don't get 4870X2, that is more expensive than 2 HD4890s prices from MSY
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