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    CPU: E8500
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    Case: CM 690
  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome B:)
  2. My name is Clayton and I'm new to the OCC forums so I thought I would introduce myself. I stay pretty busy these day between my job (civil engineering) and chasing my 22-month old daughter around but I enjoy tinkering with my computer when I have time. I have always enjoyed computers but only recently took the step from buying a PC to building myself. Last year I was shopping for a new computer and couldn't find what I wanted within my budget so I decided to take on the task of building a PC. It ended up being a challenging and rewarding experience. I enjoy continuing to learn how to make the most of my current build and learning how to make my next build even better. I have enjoyed all the helpful information on this site so I though it was about time to join the forums. ^_^
  3. Very nice addition to the prize list Thanks for the update.
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