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  1. I actually dont need a tuner card, just an HDMI output, because these HTPC's will be used to watch movies online or downloaded movies My build so far is : Intel Pentium E5800 - Dual Core, 2MB l2 cache, 3.2ghz - 70$ Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Socket 775 - 55$ Kingtson ValueRAM (2 x 2GB) - 60$ OR / Patriot Signature (1 x 2GB) - 33$ CoolerMaster Elite OR Thermaltake V3 Case - 40$ Antec BASIQ BP-350 350W Continuous Power Supply - 30$ Seagate Barricuda 1TB - 60$ OR Hitachi Deskstar 1TB - 50$ Any suggestions?
  2. Hey everyone So im going to need 2 HTPC's for the new house, and I need some help with what to put in it. Basically its just going to be used to watch movies on, with a bit of browsing and downloading of big files. I need these HTPC's to be as cheap as possible, since they dont really have anything heavy-duty to deal with. I already have a Radeon HD 4350 silent video card to put into one of the systems, if necessary. I also decided on the 1TB Seagate Barricuda hard drive, with 32mb cache Everything else is up for discussion. Thank you
  3. The videocard is DVI, with an included DVI to VGA component. The actual cable that connects to the monitor is VGA. The monitor however has a DVI port. Do you think if i just used a DVI cable this problem would be gone?
  4. It always stays at 59Hertz, when i try to change it to 60 it goes to 60, applies, then when i go to options again its still at 59 Triple buffering doesnt help
  5. Hey everyone.. I'm back to ask a question ive tried to get answered multiple times, and found nothing.. Basically, my monitor has a strange horizontal "flicker" , it looks as if white lines are moving down my monitor. It only happens (or is only noticeable) on darker colors. Now, in games, such as GTA IV, you can see it clearly. Enabling V-Sync doesnt completely eliminate it, but it makes it significantly better. Im running a Nvidia GTX 260 with the latest drivers. I have replaced the video card once, and the previous card had the same issue. I also encounter this issue when i plug in my spare video card the radeon H4350 The monitor is an Acer 22" Widescreen LCD with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 So.. any ideas?
  6. Would a 500W Antec PSU be enough to power this system? Also, I have a stick of DDR3 1600 RAM left, can I buy another stick of DDR3 1600 and use it with the first stick? Will this cause any problems since they are different brands?
  7. I dont know, ive been running a 750W SxS for a year now, going solid *knock on wood*
  8. is the psu strong enough
  9. Yes the old optical drive will be rused. I also have a spare ATI Radeon 4350 I'm going to pop in for him to use fot solid works. Is this system the best bang for the buck?
  10. Hey everyone My father needs a new computer and we decided to build one. I have been off the computer seen for a bout a year. I dont really know what are good CPUs now, Im assuming Core i3/i5 is mainstream? Or did they turn out to be a flop? Anyway I picked out this build, and am looking to see if everything is OK with it. Antec 300 Case Intel Core i3 530 OCZ 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM OCZ StealthXStream 500W PSU Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Motherboard Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB HDD So how is this build?
  11. Hey everyone. Whenever i boot Windows (XP Proffessional) i get the message pci.sys is missing/corrupt. I use the windows XP disk to fix the file, or i boot into safe mode and manually replace it with a healthy file. When i boot up it works, but whenever my computer turns off, when i boot back up i get the same message. how can i fix this?
  12. Hey guys.. Anyway my computer/monitor sort of "flickers" on dark/black screen. It happens in some games (Such as portal) or just in firefox in some of the websites with black areas. Its not like a flicker that turns on and off, but like a sort of jumping flicker, like on those old CRT monitors where if you look at one corner you can sort of see the image "jumping" in the other. Monitor is a Acer X22W and system is in my sig
  13. If nvidia dies, its gonna be like iPhone in the phone market. Every year, little, unnoticeable upgrades. Buy buy buy
  14. Nope, not really. Its easy, and I have done it hundreds of times. Just make sure that your format your drive and it is nice and clean
  15. Still having these damn problems! What are the best drivers for windows 7? 191.07 and 181.16 seem to work best for me.
  16. Keep the 5850, sell the gtx 275, and get a 8800 or something like that for physx. Pocket some money
  17. Damn evga, now they tell me their cross shipping only is available in the US. That is complete BS, I cant have my computer down for another 2 weeks!!!!! Also another problem that now is happening is whenever i run GPU Tool (former called ATITool) the video card starts sucking in so much power, i can even see the lights flickering a bit every time is sucks in more power, and in under 30 seconds heats up to 90C ! What is this, I checked and its not blocked or anything like that!
  18. Disable the GPU in Device Manager, and run P95. If it runs fine then its GPU I have something messed up with my GPU as well, but the 191.07 drivers from Nvidia might fix it
  19. Does this mean no Nvidia motherboards or no GPUs in total?
  20. If you are only on 1.35V then that is not enough. What are temps like? I know my Phenom II x3 720 went to 3.6 ghz at stock voltages, and then started eating it up like crazy past that, it took me 1.55V to get 3.75 stable (Haven't tried 3.8 yet) Temps are great to, 25-35C idle, havent seen it over 47C after a couple hours of prime
  21. Damn problems are still persisting me. EVGA said they would cross-ship me the card, and I need to get an email from them soon hopefully telling me that they sent it out. If this doesn't fix the problem I am guessing its the motherboard.
  22. Thats sweet. My chip took 1.55V to get to 3.75, I might be able to get to 3.8 but didnt think it was necessary since i am stable now
  23. Well how much do you want to spend? If I am correct, video editing uses a lot of CPU resources and cores (so good for the q6600). You dont even need a very powerful video card, but considering how much they are going for (around 200$ can get you a 4890!) you can put one in. Just saying "keep the price as low as possible" and you can build a pentium 3 machine for like 50$
  24. Hey guys.. Anyway I need a new keyboard. I would like something cheap (I dont believe in "gaming keyboards), and with a slim keycap structure (like a laptop). I was interested in the OCZ Elixir gaming keyboard, but does it have a slip keycap?
  25. Sometimes strange things happen. It might even be a driver issue, or try rebooting and checking the temps again. One time my card reached 100C after 2 minutes of operation, I reinstalled drivers and everything went back to normal
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