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    CM 690
    Intel Core i7; 3200mhz
    ASUS Rampage II Extreme
    OCZ Platinum 6GB 7-7-7-24
    Corsair TX850
    XFX GTX260 Black Edition x2SLI.
    :Noctua U12-DHP
  1. ...and accepted....im at work right now, but should be playing later on today, ill join in if you're ever online....i have vent at home....you have a group or room to join?
  2. my steam id is tek i play on this server called "high times 24/7 d2" for the most part cussing and racism is outlawed, so things stay clean... i dont know about a ranked team, but id be down to play with anyone whos not gonna cuss their life away, play obnoxious music through their mic's, make momma jokes, and/or cheat.
  3. thanks everyone for your input the psu swap and gpu install took about 45 minutes the end result is very clean, thought id show a pic since im done, its pretty bad quality sorry bout that but im beat
  4. im not saying the psu wont fit, im saying the gpu is going to sit just RIGHT on top of it snuglike...hopefully it gives... also, would the heat from the psu affect the temp of the gpu if its barely touching?
  5. im hoping it fits without touching the second gpu, that whole section is really tight....i really i hope i dont have to go to a fulltower... anybody running sli with tx850 and a cm690 on a similar mobo?
  6. thats what i thought too.... i ran the singlue gpu oc'd and the i7 oc'd for about 8 months on that otherwise generic 550w psu it was completely fine, although i realize that idle that setup is probably consuming somewhere between 425 or 500w power i was inititally going to go for 750w which probably would be fine, but the price gap was small... on a side note, overall, once you get into the 600w+ territory, these psu get really pricey, i have always stokc with the stock case psu, until now...i didnt know they were so expensive...
  7. okay good in that case, what kind of setup requires a 1000w psu then?
  8. First of all, this is my first topic posted, hello all, im sorry it had to be for asking such a repetitive question but..... my current setup Asus rampage 2 extreme core i7 920 3200 oc'd 6gb ram gtx260 black edition in sli seagate 1tb hd and about 9 fans in a cm690 (including the 2 on the noctua cooler) i purchased a second gtx260 and a 24" acer monintor yesterday for the sli setup, up until now ive had this setup running on the stock case psu, a cm 550w plus or something...so obviously i purchased a psu to go with it all, i bought a corsair tx850, i wanted the 1000W but $270...meh.....so spec wise and on paper, it seems i should be okay with the tx850, but before i open the box tonight, i thought id get some feedback as to whether it will be enough...the cards are factory oc'd so assume the 260's are oc'd as well. maybe someone with a similar setup can chime in.... Any feedback would be much appreciated, i realize answering these questions "is this enough" gets annoying and based on my knowledge it should be, but just double checking.
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