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  1. I am tryin to get my DFI 790FXB M2SRH and PII 940 to OC above 3.6 but I must be missing some setting in BIOS because I can't get it stable above 3.6. I am getting 3.6 by simply raising the multiplier to 18x and increasing the vcore to 1.44. I have tried increasing the CPU vcore to 1.55 and still can't get stable above 3.6. I use OCCT and Prime95 and get failures abofve 3.6 and although I am using a XIGMATEK Dark Knight-S1283V with (2) 120mm fans my C PU core temps go up to 68 degrees under load. Should I be changing the CPU NB clock ratio? or the HT link frequecny? What about the IH flow control mode under HT link control? There must be something I am missing that is stopping me at 3.6. Any suggestions? DFI 790FXB M2RSH|PII 940|Mushkin Redline [email protected]|EVGA 260/216|Hiper Type 2 850W PSU|Thermaltake Armour Case
  2. I have been running Prime 95 for about 5 hours on my PII 940. When I looked at it a few hours ago, I see this error on Worker#1 Here---> IMAGE. Does this mean I have a bad Phenom? I do have it overclocked to 3.5 at 1.5 v
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