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  1. Found all my components at newegg and kept my system under $1000. WOOHOO but really wanted to add a 24 "monitor as well. SO i found some components at newegg that were open box deals and saved enough money to add the monitor as well and keep it under $1000. So im asking what do you guys think about the open box deals and are there certain components to stay away from on open box deals. They do have the 30 day return policy for a refund which is ok but just wanted more advice on if i should do it or not. Any bad experiences on open box deals???
  2. Ok so ive change my mind on a previous build and looking for more suggestions LOL Decided id like to stay around $1000 mark for this still would be used for gaming mainly amd phenom 965 or intel i5??? which is better you decide probably wont overclock for now prefer single gpu and 4gb ram to start plan to use a Cooler Master Haf 932 mid case If you could recommend ram, 500gb hd, mobo, psu, gpu and cd/dvd drive If you have an alternative case please do post open to all suggestions Id like to add a 24" monitor as well if its possible to squeeze that into the package as well but that can come later what about a gaming network card as well??? if its worth it through it in the package
  3. Thanks guys gives me good starting point yeah ive already got the monitor and stuff from current pc setup just passin the pc too the kids and daddy gets a new one WOOHOO
  4. Looking to build a new pc for around $750 lower the better Really will only be using this for internet, a little bit of 3ds max, PSP and online racing mainly. Looking for blazing internet and great performance for online racing I prefer Intel processors but you guys know better than me so any advice is welcomed would like something that would overclock as I will probably overclock it at some point. Looking for a good complete system build list if you can and i dont mind stuff that isnt the newest out
  5. Buying 9500GT but which brand or model should i buy? dont want anything overclocked
  6. k thanks guys im going to upgrade soon hopefully but just wanted to make sure it would be ok to run now thanks again
  7. Upgrading to a GeForce 9500GT and it says min ps of 350. I have a 300 now do i still need to upgrade it right now or will i be ok to run it for a while with the 300 ps?? I plan on upgrading it anyways but im getting one for free from my buddy and he hasnt given it to me yet.
  8. Thanks Guys that helps me out alot Glad to say this will be my new home for PC tech support
  9. Want to upgrade cpu and gateway and intel both are no help Gateway says they cant recommend processor upgrades and Intel says that cant because its some agreement with Gateway. Computer specs Gateway GM5260 Windows Xp media center edition DP965 LV AAD569511-404 mobo Intel P965/G965 Chipset Intel 82801HH (ICH8DH) Southbridge CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 codename Conroe scoket 775 LGA technology is 65nm and core VID is 1.325 V what can i upgrade too that would be worth it without replacing alot of other components??? Im a noob so if you need more info just ask
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