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  1. cool thanks for the link i just went back to use my creative 5.1 computer speakers using the analogue plugs, still sounds ok ill plug the optical cable in later and see if your plan works
  2. i would have to spend $160 + i dont want to spend that much on just a sound card right now
  3. well that pretty much makes my new soundcard useless to me, as the only reason i upgraded from onboard was to get a true 5.1 experience mind you, the sound quality from the onboard was great, even better then my old augidy guess ill just return the x-fi and go back to onboard
  4. hi fellas i just bought a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio soundcard. i have it connected to my pioneer VSX-416 amp via an optical cable. my problem is, the amp is only receiving a pcm stereo signal. when i try do to a creative diagnostic - where it has a picture of all 5 speakers, and outputs to them, eg each speaker will have a voice saying "left, right, centre" etc, i can only hear the front left & front right signals, there is just silence when doing the centre and rear speakers ive done a bit of reading, and apparently my soundcard doesnt decode 5.1 itself? im a bit confused, since if i plug in my 5.1 creative computer speakers, using the male > female plugs, i get 5.1, but im thinking thats more of a forced 5.1 than a true 5.1 so my question now is: can i get 5.1 using an optical cable ? heres full product specs http://au.creative.com/products/product.as...770&listby=
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