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  1. My GTX580 is gonna have a blast on GW2
  2. If that's just what's heard on the side.. battlefields are gonna be freaking sweet! Hearing fire balls exploder, meteors crashing, arrows.. oooo do want!
  3. So true... and a good chunk of the general GW population [like any other MMORPG] are just the kinda people you want to hit with a bat.. or should wear a helmet out in public In any case, next week I'm stalking any pictures of the Human Ranger class, gotta continue my char's legacy
  4. Oh boy.. I'm gonna sound like a douche, brace for it.... Senital, while this is a great idea, in all honesty, most of us that play.... are already part of a guild, and simply ditching them might be tough [i know I really won't]...Hopefully an OCC guild does come to life, that would be awesome, but I [as well as others...?] might not be able to justify leaving a guild that they've been in for years [almost 2 here] and all the friends we've made and what not
  5. BFBlog Link [pre-orders have begun!] I'll make that bigger Pre-Orders have begun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP0Ij1_VTY0
  6. While I personally like the system ArenaNet will be pushing with GW2.. I can already feel the backlash of angered fans. Speedclears will be over, since it seems every class is just that, a class, not a role like a Permasin, or Imbagon. Considering I play ranger and it's always: "Hey Munky, run an EoE Splint Barrage build, we're doing Urgoz", it gets repetitive and boring quite frankly, this leaves the possibilities wide open.
  7. Considering all the crap thats currently put into our food supply... this poses no issue with me. I could care less, if it provides the same nutritional value, look, feel and taste, feed me and my tapeworm please People complain way too much. We have booming populations and a limited food supply... who would of thought this sort of engineering would need to be done? lol
  8. Hah, hopefully EVGA covers me with the same awesomeness MSI has recently done with both you wevs and myself [mom's 5770]....
  9. Voted "other" What you have done is what I call "Win" sir. Excellent work
  10. Yep, it's most likely the Assassin more I think about it.... since it's followed the sylvari in the books, Killeen = Necro = released after book launch. Caithe = Assassin = hopefully next. After that it'll be the mesmer just so they have time for more snazzy demo vids of the newer classes
  11. The 996770 set is just 2x the 991770's by all specification purposes. Bump up the voltage some? They're rated for 1.5, but a bump to 1.55V shouldn't hurt, and might just be enough to achieve stability. You could also always contact Mushkin directly, they have a stellar customer support department
  12. Try making the rear fan an intake, and try to find some perforated PCI slot covers to air can leave on it's own. I have a feeling that [just as you said] the rear fan is sucking up any cool air that your CPU cooler would be using...
  13. Hmm, maybe time to fire off a PM to Bosco / ClayMeow for some gameplay footage?
  14. Some hotels simply do not offer ethernet ports in rooms anymore as it is an "eyesore" to see a small hole in the wall... About he coverage, excellent work as always, though pretty annoyed at Antec, no revision on their Performance One series is just saddening On the Corsair front... that 650 is drool worthy Keep up the great work, you guys never disappoint edited for typos of doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
  15. QQ Never saw this video before. [edit: duh it was posted 2 hours ago.. i failed.] I'd assume a pure golemancer profession... while golemancy may be secondary for other asurans, these excel? Dunno ><
  16. Congrats guys! Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!
  17. Sometimes they are numbingly painful, sometimes you don't even know you have them, it sucks.. hopefully Dave's feeling the latter
  18. Ahh bad time to get the manflu Hope you get better soon
  19. Afterburner / Overdrive / Precision etc for GPU's means it's always viable. [Not to mention that PowerTune just modifies the clocks dependent on temperature, watercooling block says hi ) As for Sandy, you have the unlocked series, so it's still viable. Not to mention the plethora of 1366 and 1156 boards out there which will be alive long after Sandy [especially 1366]. My thoughts anyways...
  20. Well that sucks... The Accelero for the 4870x2 had high VRM issues as well [though mine oddly never did? >.>] Stick the stock cooler back on and start the RMA process
  21. Both are good units, though with the recent horror stories [past 5 months or so] of the XFX RMA system, I'd stick with the Enermax just because. Even if it's slightly worse, having the piece of mind that Enermax will cover you without hassle is worth a loss in 1 or 2% efficiency I've dealt with Enermax's RMA, while the method is aesthetically archaic [their RMA site looked ancient lol], they offered off the bat to cover shipping, 2 day prepaid fedex... and within that same week my brother had his 600w back in gear, those guys are crazy good ^^ 5 day turn around is what more companies should strive for
  22. Everything looks perfect Only thing I'd suggest is going X6 over X4 Link It isn't much more in price, and does future proof you a bit more ^^ My brother got his 1055T and the 890GPA board too, it's an excellent combo, an easy OC board
  23. ^This. I still don't see the overzealous obsession with synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark 11, and Vantage. They just provide a point value for you epeen to enlarge, thats it. No real determinant on how game performance will be. If you're itching for an upgrade and want the most power you can get, another 470 would be your best bet for raw performance.
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