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  1. Forums are meant to be helpful, so you are not a bother As per performance, if you can get an H60 at $60 just take it and run. The last review I saw showed that the H70 was only 2-4C cooler than the H60 in Push|Pull Config, so it's pretty negligible considering the price. An H60 at $60 is a super steal
  2. Wow, with all the automation in the manufacturing process in general, I'm quite surprised [and happy] to see that Mushkin still does testing, writing of the RAM, and heatsink assembly by hand. Gives it that extra touch of awesomeness imo
  3. While I agree with you.... it's a pride thing. I'm not heavy into cars [obviously rofl] as many others, but I like my car looking good. Both the interior and exterior
  4. Aha! Perfect, completely understood. Thanks ^^
  5. What I've heard.. and this is from companies who are trying to sell you their own washing product.... so... but yeah, it's that it eats away at the top coat of paint over time. I just got back from AdvanceAutoParts and ironically that's what the clerk told me while I was picking up a spare Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner [since it isn't even on their site anymore, they may not carry it ..and it's magic O.O]. Though it is a tangent... I'll ask it anyways, you guys posted that polishing compound was abrasive... I was under the impression it wasn't abrasive, that it was used to clean up small swirly scratches..? [unless Rubbing compound = polishing compound... but I doubt thats true]
  6. Yeah, I typed that up wrong last night.. In any case, went Meguair's crazy [they had a sale in AdvanceAutoParts... Damn them], got the Deep Crystal Pain cleaner Waco recommended is literally magic in a bottle, it seems what was on the hood was extremely fine bits of dirt that just didnt want to come off talk about a relief :x Also got Ultimate Quik Wax and Ultimate Wash and Wax to keep the wax strong [and never use dish soap again!]... working on the car now, but ofc the sun just had to pop it's head up, so going to have to hide it in the shade for now and let the car cool... it's already 88F out there and humid as all hell -.- I am super appreciative of all the help... show yourselves down here in Miami and I'll hug you, seriously So effing happy right now
  7. Awesome, thanks Waco, time to hit AdvanceAutoParts in the morning and grab all my stuff, otherwise I'll hit NAPA.. parking there sucks, but it's a huge store I know... I know.. but I guess I've learned right? :\ Just to be sure, for future cleanings / washing, hit the car with some Dawn then wax it correct?
  8. Ah come to think of it, I do park it where I suppose rain water after rolling off of the roof would hit...awesome So.. lemme make sure I follow [sorry :\] First wash the car with Dawn, which I have Then buy some cleaning agent.. which is what you linked, now, can it be another brand with the same idea? Just to see if they have it at the autoparts store and for the killed touch at the end to send everyone's head spinning........protecting wax? Something to this effect? Just in case the link is broken : Armor All Ultra Shine Wash and Wax Detailer (16.9 oz.) tbh I've never heard of waxing cars.. I know it sounds stupid, but for a few bucks and added protection... It's worth it. Two questions with the wax thing... 1. How often is it to be done? I've never waxed a car before... I guess the instructions would say it right? 2. Does brand matter? Seems the big three are Turtlewax, Armor All [which I used on the interior of the car actually], and Meguiars, the price difference is negligable so whatever works best would fly. Hopefully this isnt permanent... If I knew this beforehand I would have never parked my car where roof rain water hit @Savan, it developed.. and for some reason I couldn't multiquote your post...but yeah >< Thanks for the help guys.. uber freaking appreciated
  9. Hey guys... Since I'm completely car inept, as in.. I know the extreme basics but whatever, here we go. On my 09 White Cobalt, the hood has... what seems to be a stained dirty water look. It's extremely light, so light in fact that I can't even get my camera to pick up on it, but when you pick just the right angle it pops up. Considering it's my first car, and I'll be damned for it to just get the slightest imperfection, I'm also freaking out... I know it sounds stupid but really :x I tried to wash it with soap and a sponge,with no avail, then with soap and a towel.. since it was essentially rougher than a sponge, also with no avail.. tried a toothbrush too and failed If there's a cleaner that would work... without the risk of damaging the hood ofc... post up links if you could, or just a home remedy.. idk (if it's available at AdvancedAutoParts that would be awesome since I have one within biking distance of my house) If I could get pictures I would, but my camera just can't pick up on it no matter the angle Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys
  10. Best April fools joke ever. <3 ANet
  11. Agreed, I mean Corsair still has their DDR400 sticks for RMA purposes [RMA'ed 2 sticks from my ancient skt 939 system ]. There really is no excuse for OCZ to have a few sticks of DDR2 laying around. This is just another reason I avoid OCZ. The ram is cheap for a reason, you get what you pay for. I highly, repeat, highly doubt this would have happened with Patriot, Mushkin, Crucial or Corsair [to name a few].
  12. I thought it was taken, on page 44 :/

  13. 137 237 [137 was taken] Wow this is crazy xD
  14. When I had my 4870x2, the 10.4a's were the best
  15. $3.49 in South Miami... tbh doesn't bother me much, <3 my Cobalt
  16. 377 Dave must be reveling at the length of this thread
  17. Wow.. cant believe I've just found this :x Yay open beta lol
  18. Congrats to the winners Awesome contest as always!
  19. Not really... if anything, I'd invest in a bottle of rubbing alcohol, at least 70% USP, the higher the better, to clean off your proccy properly :\ PS, Proccy = CPU, it's cuter, kthx.
  20. Omg that norn with a rifle... Might go norn first now... Rifles call for me :3
  21. Another +1 to take it. Youll get essentially a free performance boost and if he covers shipping it's even a better deal
  22. If you don't mind some restricted airflow... speaker cloth works great too actually. Had to get ghetto on my FT01 filters, and the speaker cloth is a good alternative, bit more restrictive in airflow, but it catches everything. No temp increase, so Munky is a happy camper
  23. Case: Silverstone FT01-BW CPU: Intel i7 920 D0, 3913B166 CPU cooling: Corsair H70 w/ Push|Pull Motherboard: EVGA X58 SLI3 (131-GT-E767-TR) Memory: Corsair Dominator 6x2GB 1600 HDD: WD Black Caviar 1TB GFX Card: EVGA 470 SC w/ Backplate + HAF Bracket PSU: XFX 750W PSU Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster XFi Titanium HD Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 It would actually replace the HX750 that's about to be sent for RMA... creepy timing lol *crosses fingers* As always, thanks Dave, Paul, and well everyone at OCC and XFX as well
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