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  1. I have both the Black Widow Ultimate, and the BWU:Stealth Edition. The Ultimate's glossy finish after nine months of use still looks new minus one tiny buff because I put the dust cover on then my iPhone landed on it and scuffed the plastic. The Stealth edition is quieter, yet it still picks up the same amount of dust. Nothing a quick wipe won't fix, but it still obviously happens. The Matte finish does hide the dust a bit from vision though. Ninja dust For $200, I really wouldn't get the SE. The Sidewinder X4 which has absolutely perfect anti-ghosting, arguably one of the best, while having all of the other wants on your list... minus blue backlighting [it has orange backlighting iirc] Not to mention the Sidewinder also has a 3 year warranty, which is just awesome.
  2. Oh rage. That's not fair. Three corsair products that I've sworn by and now I need to choose one? Who's devilish idea was this?! /sigh, I'll say my HX750 is my favorite Corsair product. Why? It simply works. Never fails, stays quiet, cables are super easy to manage... and it matches my Dominators in color scheme. Shame it doesn't match my H80 perfectly though. [hah included all three ] Seriously though, it's tough to pick just one. All their products are of excellent quality and their customer support is arguably the best on the market to date. Corsair fanboy signing off xD
  3. Really? Well color me shocked and impressed. Time to give it a test run Thanks Stonerboy ^^ edit: Badaboom used 14%-15% utilization on my 580 bummer :\ [avi to iPhone] ~61FPS edit2: And on MKV to iPhone I'm seeing 5-8% utilization, just like Freemake, and Freemake is free while Badaboom isn't ~72FPS
  4. Freemake Video Converter should do the trick extremely well, and for free Linky I know it uses CUDA, but tbh I find that to be more of a gimmick than anything, my 580 never hits 5% utilization when I'm converting -.-
  5. ... and like a moron I voted SSD. A new car would be so much better
  6. Agreed 100% Voted : "Just what i want others to know " but I'm sure there's more stuff out there that I don't know about.. but what can you do, it's the internet. Accept the fact that there's virtually no privacy online and move on.
  7. The whole BWU having only 2KRO is so blown out of proportion. It is not an issue at all unless your rage smashing your face on your keyboard. On topic, I'm kind of a fan of backlit boards since usually I do play at night, look at my keyboard when I type.. not hunt and peck, I just never broke the habit... and procrastination on essays are 99% standard practice for me. Mechanical boards are a god send as well, once Razer announced the BWU it was pretty much sold to me instantly. Blues for typing and backlit since I'm a procrastinator, and useful little macro keys where I have Magicka spell binds and ME2 stuffs... Total random thought: Can't wait for ME3.... do want :3
  8. I'd say it depends. With one fan, yes it would probably be a good idea to force air to only go in one direction. However with a dual+ fan system on a heatsink I doubt it would make any difference at all. I'm pretty sure [and in all honestly this is what my common sense is telling me, but I could be wrong :\] Ait will travel in the path of least resistance, and while one fan is pushing and the other pulling, not much air would leak off the sides anyways. Those open side fins would then be utilized as Ivy said to just radiate heat passively. I have no idea to be quite honest. My mom has a stock heatsink and I have an H80, so I can't test it :\
  9. Same, friends know where I actually live but facebook says 123 Irkin Empire, Apt 450000978
  10. I usually snap the sucker in half with repeated hits in the center using an axe... Then just take it to the dumpster and problem solved. Good stress relief
  11. A new Sidewinder X5 is on sale at Meritline for $30 shipped... might be worth it Link to info
  12. ^This. Not to mention there's also the Thermalright Archon which can trade blows with the D14 all while being extremely thin [keeps the RAM area clean].
  13. Fanatic-religious-zealot-fringe-group-that-yelled-so-loud.... I am disappoint.
  14. Send me all your material goods, rigs included obviously. You won't need them then you're dead. If you're so self centered and won't send me your stuff, at least max out your credit cards, buy cars, go crazy. Die in style while sticking it to the banks. Lastly, make sure you clean your weapons, tonight might be the day zombies actually begin to arise, even the CDC posted about it... I love the amusement these sort of idiots can create, makes my day better at least
  15. Whichever in the end has a lower price. Both G.Skill and Corsair have excellent customer support Me personally? I'd go Corsair... I love Corsair lol
  16. Went down for maybe... If your board doesn't already have a molex attached.. then sure, merry xmas. However, before getting that third power hungry GPU... buy a better board. Seriously, It'll pay off better in the future Now, to the average consumer, a totally useless gadget.. really really useless
  17. Another +1 for the Patriot Exporter Series, though I'm also a fan of the Corsair Survivor series.... shell is dinged and knicked to hell... gives it some value
  18. If I just didn't get hit with Summer semester this would have been bought by me... This price is effing awesome
  19. Mer-lions?! Lion-aides?! Looks awesome.... need a beta date so desperately
  20. Nope...you can get a HAFX or a TT Speedo with as many fans as you want... temps still will be higher than other cases if you don't have a proper designated airflow.. as in too much turbulence. Quality over Quantity works best Even then... no real amount of information can really substitute a test run between positive and negative in your own situation. Literally the placement of your case [as in, is it near a wall on one side or does a draft hit it near the rear etc] changes which method works best. Generally neutral is almost impossible to be perfectly set up, it's always at least a bit positive or negative. As for personal opinion, I'm more of a fan of positive pressure just to avoid extra dust from being sucked in through any pores, while with positive I just need to worry about my fan filters. In the end... it requires a test run... there's no real substitute for that imo. Also, while your original post is great, it kinda generalizes a bit much. Each case varies, for example my FT01 [positive pressure] uses a front and top mounted intake fan, no side fan, yet it keeps my temps lower that way then the top being exhaust....case design / construction also has a huge factor. Unfortunately, there will never be a perfect pressure system, it's all individualized
  21. +1 Hit the nail on the head. .. poor nail
  22. "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there...WITH Osama Bin Laden!......Headshot. GG sir." Hooray for the jingle
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